5 Reasons To Fix Roof Leaks Before Hurricane Season

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Are you someone who enjoys being prepared for anything? Then you may want to get a head start on fixing your roof leaks before hurricane season!

There are a number of things that can cause a roof to leak. What’s worse is that there are also a number of things that can happen if you don’t get them fixed as soon as possible.

No matter how big or small the leak, time is of the essence and ABC Roofing Corp is here to explain why:

What Causes a Roof to Leak?

There are a number of things that could cause a roof to leak – some of the most common causes are:​​

  • Neglect: not having a regular maintenance plan for your roof can cause small issues going unnoticed.​​​​​
  • Weather: constant exposure to the elements results in wear and tear on your roofing materials.
  • Roofing Materials: when your roof was installed did the company use quality materials.
  • Roofing Seams: seams can be a weak point on a roof.

Roof Leaks and Hurricane Season

Hurricanes produce a substantial amount of rain accompanied by high winds and essentially, this season puts your roof through a lot.  When your roof has a leak, it’s already compromised and is only going to get worse. Hurricanes have the potential to take a small leak and make it a big problem and not taking care of the leak when you first notice it can lead to a repair that may cost you more.

Why You Should Fix Roof Leaks Immediately

When it comes to roof leaks, size doesn’t matter. This is because both have the potential to cause serious damage.  With hurricane season fast approaching, it’s essential to get your roof ready to face whatever mother nature throws at it. This is why we’ve put together a list of five reasons why you should fix your roof leaks before hurricane season.

Mold Growth

For many homes, wood forms the basis of the roof’s structure. Unfortunately, when wood gets wet from a leak, it doesn’t take long before it starts to rot.  Rotting wood leads to a number of serious issues like the growth of mold and fungus. The presence of these substances can lead to health issues for you and your family.  Unless the issue is addressed, mold and fungus will continue to spread to other areas of your home.

Loss of Energy

Have you noticed that your energy bills are slightly higher than in previous months? Then you may have a roof leak.  Leaks create places where moisture can enter the roofing system, this moisture damages the insulation in your roof and creates an escape for the cool air in your home being created by your AC.

Deterioration of Your Homes Structural Integrity

When a roof leak is not repaired, it can comprise your homes structural integrity.  This moisture causes the materials to deteriorate and in turn weakens the frame of your home and a weak frame means that the roof could collapse. –

Creates Potential Fire Hazards

From a young age, we’re taught that water and electricity should never mix. A leak creates a place in your roof where water can enter and come into contact with your home’s electricity The combination of water and electricity can cause a fire to start in your home.

Results in Expensive Repairs

When your roof has a leak, water can seep into your roofing framework, your home’s drywall, and even into the flooring. The longer you leave the roof leak, the bigger the issue becomes to fix, costing you additional expenses.

Contact ABC Roofing For Help With Your Roof Leaks

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