About ABC Roofing Corp.

About ABC Roofing Corp.

With a solid reputation and over 30 years of experience, ABC Roofing Corp. is an industry leader when it comes to all your roofing needs. From minor residential roof repairs to commercial roof replacements, we offer it all. Here are a few reasons why we should be your trusted South Florida Roofing Company.

Residential Roof Repairs

When it comes to residential roofing needs, we offer a wide range of services. From small roofing repairs to new installations, our team will be able to inspect your roof and offer sound advice on the best way forward. Our roof repair services include emergency repairs, waterproofing, and re-roofing jobs. We work with tiles, shingles, slate, and metal sheeting. No matter how small or big your job requirement is, we’re the South Florida roofers you can rely on.

Residential Roof Replacement

Over time, your roof will reach a point where it’s time for a replacement. Roof replacement is more comprehensive than re-roofing and involves the removal of all roof materials, stripping your roof down to the deck. Once this is done, a brand-new roof is installed. A residential roof replacement gives you a completely new roof, thereby eliminating any underlying issues that may show up over time. At ABC Roofing Corp, we offer the following roof replacement options:

  • Shingle Roofs: Shingle roofs are a more affordable option while still maintaining a good level of durability. When installed professionally, a shingle roof can last for around 20 years.
  • Tile Roofs: A tile roof is a more expensive option, but for a reason. Tile roofing not only lasts longer but also requires little maintenance. Tile roofs are also highly water-resistant and hard-wearing against outdoor elements.
  • Metal Roofing: Metal roofing is growing in popularity, as it has a great aesthetic appeal. It’s also durable, weather-resistant, and energy-efficient. Metal roofs can outlast a shingle roof by two or three times and can also withstand extreme weather conditions.

Our diverse service options are one of the many reasons we are the South Florida Roofing Company that more and more people trust with their residential roofing projects.

Commercial Roof Services

When it comes to running a successful business, roof maintenance may not be at the top of your agenda. That’s why ABC Roofing is available to cater to all your commercial roofing needs. Commercial roofing projects are usually larger-scale jobs that require unique materials and expert knowledge. Our team carries a wealth of experience and can advise you on the best option for your commercial roof repair or replacement.

Commercial Roofing Products And Services

At ABC Roofing, we are approved applicators and installers for GAF, CertainTeed, and Firestone roofing systems. The specific roofing systems we install include:

  • Built-Up Roof Membranes (BUR): Also known as “gravel roofs,” these are a popular choice for businesses as they are a great option for large surface areas and are also highly water-resistant.
  • Modified Bitumen: This is a type of asphalt that is modified with either fiber or rubber to increase overall durability. Modified bitumen roofs are highly weather resistant, particularly when it comes to hot temperatures and stormy gales, both of which are common in the South Florida region.
  • Single Ply: Single-ply systems are easy and quick to install as they are applied in a single layer. They are incredibly lightweight and offer an alternative to asphalt roofing solutions.

A South Florida Roofing Company You Can Trust

Over the past 30 years, thousands of Florida Homeowners have entrusted ABC Roofing Corp. with their roofing needs. Our family-owned establishment takes great pride in our workmanship and we’re backed up by several awards. At ABC Roofing Corp. we will see to all your residential and commercial roofing needs. Call us today at (954) 344-4622 to get expert roofing advice and service.