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Gaco S2100 is one of the only few roof coatings that is made entirely of silicone. When applied, it creates a waterproof membrane to seal roofs. While this is the main function, there are many benefits when it comes to using Gaco Roof Coating.

Here are the top 10 benefits to using Gaco Roof Coating:

  1. Protection Against Water Damage

    Gaco roof coating is an excellent material to fix the issue of ponding. Water damage from ponding and severe weather can be a serious problem, causing leaks and mold or mildew growth. This silicone coating is 100% waterproof and will provide preventative measures for your roof.

  2. Leak Prevention

    When applied correctly, this roof coating can permanently protect your roof and ceiling from the harmful damages of leaks. Gaco Roof Coating is a moisture-curing coating, which is why it is waterproof.A moisture-curing coating is a type of coat that reacts chemically when exposed to moisture, c to prevent any water from entering through the coating.

  3. Suitable For Any Roof Type

    It can be used on flat and sloped roofs, as well as small or large buildings. Gaco Roof Coating is suitable for any roof design- flat garage, large sloped commercial roof, or even your patio cover. Gaco roof paint will work for them all! It will also cover different roofing materials, such as PVC, TPO, and modified bitumen.

  4. Sun Protection

    The sun’s rays will inevitably degrade a roof over time. A roof with a white coating will reflect the sun’s harmful UV rays. A white silicone coating will also reduce costs on roof maintenance, as well as costs on controlling room temperature (as the white coating reflects the sun, it keeps the building cool). At the same time,less energy is wasted in controlling the temperature of inside the building, reducing your carbon footprint.

  5. No More Mold

    Adding a silicone coating naturally prevents mold and mildew growth preventing moisture to pass through its layer.

  6. Increasing The Life Span Of Your Roof

    Adding that extra coating becomes part of your regular roofing maintenance! Replacing the coat when necessary will prolong the life of your roof, reducing roof repair or replacement costs.

  7. The Benefits Of Silicone

    Because Gaco Roof Coating is made from silicone, it outlasts other roof coating materials; such as acrylic, urethane, and asphalt coatings.Silicone coatings are designed to last as long as possible – there will however be wear and tear in some areas if damaged. Damage to the coating can occur during the stormy season in South Florida (June to November) – these damaged areas will simply need to be recoated, but overall, they last much longer than most coatings.

  8. Easy Application

    Gaco Roof Coating is not difficult to apply. Silicone coatings also have a higher solids content than other coatings (such as acrylic) so it can be applied in one single coat, making the application process quicker and easier!

  9. Resistant

    Gaco Roof Coating is flexible, which helps it remain resistant to pressure or exerting forces without cracking.

  10. Certified

    Gaco Silicone roof coating is certified to NSFP151, an independent testing protocol for rainwater catchment systems, and found not to impart contaminants that exceed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s drinking water regulations or advisories.

Now that you know the 10 main benefits of Gaco Roof Coating, contact ABC Roofing Corp! We offer Gaco Western Silicone Coating that has a 10-year Manufacturer Warranty! Our company is one of South Florida’s leading roofing companies that can assist you with any roof coating system. Call us today!

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