Best Durable Roofing – Shingles or Tiles?

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When it comes to a home, the roof is what keeps you and your family dry and safe! Durable roofing is what your house needs to maintain itself in good condition for years to come. When you build or redo your roof, you will be faced with several decisions as to what kind of roof suits your home best in terms of cost and look! One factor you will have to consider will be choosing between tiles or shingles.

Find out more about their lifespans and compare the two options so that you can make an informed decision about which will ensure the best durable roofing for your home.

Tiles vs Shingles: The Better Choice for Durable Roofing?

Here you can see a few comparisons between tiles and shingles for your roof. Tiles can be made from concrete or clay, whereas shingles are made from asphalt. These are laid over the roof in a way where one tile or shingle overlaps the other in order to provide full coverage. They are typically flat and rectangular-shaped. In a previous article we discussed the different styles of shingles and the best ones for Florida weather.

There are some factors that are important to consider when making your decision, such as cost, climate, and durability. It is always advisable to call in a professional roofing company such as ABC Roofing Corp. to evaluate your home and give you expert advice on what your options are and which might be best suited to you.

  1. Cost: This is generally the first noticeable difference between tiles and shingles. Tiles are more expensive than shingles – usually at least twice the price. If you are on a tight budget then shingles are the more cost-conscious option.
  2. Durability: Along with cost, the durability that each option offers the roof is the most important consideration. Concrete and clay tiles are known to last as long as 50 years, while shingle generally last between 20 and 30 years. The lifespan of shingles depends on whether you have 25 year 3-Tab or Dimensional Lifetime shingle. 3-Tab asphalt shingles have three asphalt tabs spaced regularly giving the roof a repetitive pattern, whereas dimension shingles have two layers of material bonded together which gives them a more three-dimensional look. Dimensional Lifetime shingles are more durable due to this double-layer of asphalt material. Shingles are more vulnerable to damage from strong winds and bad weather and can even be knocked off in severe cases. Tiles can withstand a lot more from the elements. Because tiles will last a longer time, you can actually save money in the long run even though you will need to spend more upfront.
  3. Climate: Living in South Florida means hot weather and strong winds! Shingles generally perform better in colder climates, while tiles can endure both freezing and very warm temperatures. Extreme heat can cause cracks and other forms of damage in shingles.
  4. Roof Sturdiness: Another important consideration to take into account is the sturdiness of your roof. Tiles weigh more than shingles, and not all roofs may be able to handle the extra weight. Find out from ABC Roofing Corp what the capacity of your roof is so that you can make a decision between the tile or shingle.
  5. Resell Value: Another tip that might help you decide between the two materials for your roof is to find out which is the most popular in your area. A real estate agent can give you some comparable homes and tell you whether tile or shingle could give you a higher resell value for your property.

Speak to a roofing professional such as ABC Roofing Corp today and let us offer you some good advice on which material to roof your home with! Call us at (954) 344-4622.

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