Rooftop Tips

15th Jun
breakdown of a roof estimate

The Breakdown Of A Roof Estimate

Reading Time: 3 minutesWhether you’re in the market for a new roof or looking to repair an old one, you may be unaware of what to expect from your roof estimate. This can be a huge investment for any homeowner, therefore it’s recommended that you be selective when it comes to which roofing estimate you choose. We take a look at what this…

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25th May
commercial roofing contractors

Commercial Roofing Contractors Discuss Proper Drainage

Reading Time: 2 minutesIf you are the owner of a commercial building, you will understand that ensuring your building remains in the best condition possible helps to avoid costly and time-consuming repairs! Commercial roofing contractors can identify and offer advice on one of the most important parts of a building’s roofing structure: a good roof drainage system. Without one, things can start to…

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18th May
durable roofing

Best Durable Roofing – Shingles or Tiles?

Reading Time: 3 minutesWhen it comes to a home, the roof is what keeps you and your family dry and safe! Durable roofing is what your house needs to maintain itself in good condition for years to come. When you build or redo your roof, you will be faced with several decisions as to what kind of roof suits your home best in…

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11th May
roof installation

New Roof Installation Methods

Reading Time: 3 minutesYour roof is the protector of your home – providing you with dryness and protection against the elements! It is so important to have your roof installation and repairs done properly by professionals who can give you peace of mind that your roof is in good hands. Living in South Florida means that in June through November your house will…

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4th May
concrete tiles

Clay vs Concrete Tiles

Reading Time: 3 minutesWhen you are building a new roof for your home, one of the many structural decisions you will be faced with is whether to pick clay or concrete tiles. This may seem like a decision to be made randomly, but in fact there are several advantages and disadvantages to each type. Knowing their differences, what each tile can offer you…

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27th Apr
roof maintenance

Roof Maintenance Tips: What To Avoid To Keep Your Roof Healthy

Reading Time: 2 minutesA home is not home without a roof over your head. Roof maintenance is extremely important when it comes to your roof’s life-span. Like a domino effect, your roof can negatively affect your whole house if not looked after properly! If you want to avoid unnecessary costs in the long run, you need to know to keep your roof in…

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20th Apr
Residential roofing contractors

Avoid Frustration With Reliable Residential Roofing Contractors

Reading Time: 3 minutesLet’s face it, not all residential roofing contractors are reliable and honest, so you must be careful not to trust too easily. Like most other homeowners, you might not be very well informed when it comes to roof maintenance, and this makes you an easy target for roofing companies to take advantage, for example overcharging you on a specific service….

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13th Apr
skylight repair

Signs You Need Skylight Repair

Reading Time: 3 minutesSkylights are a wonderful addition to any home, as they provide additional light without compromising on privacy. However, anyone who has experienced a leaky skylight will tell you that skylight repair can be far more complicated than your average window repair job, and always requires the assistance of a qualified roofer. How Do I Know If My Skylight Is Leaking?…

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6th Apr
roof tile installation

Enhancing the Character Of Your Home With Roof Tile Installation

Reading Time: 5 minutesIf you’re looking to update your home’s exterior, then there’s no better place to start than your roof. Although roof tile installation can be expensive, there are many reasons why tiles are the best roof material to use. What’s more, roof tiles don’t just make practical sense – they’re also more aesthetically pleasing than shingle or metal roofing and can…

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30th Mar
re-roofing process

The Second Step in The Re-Roofing Process – Hot Mop

Reading Time: 3 minutesDue to the everchanging and harsh weather conditions of South Florida, your roof will require maintenance and ultimately go through a re-roofing process at least once or twice in your lifespan. Part of the process is the hot mop stage. This helps to ensure that no leaks or roof damage occurs and requires a material called modified bitumen. Bitumen can…

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