Rooftop Tips

22nd May
quality roofing

Quality Roofing: What Should You Expect?

Hurricane season is approaching, and with that comes strong winds and rains. Is your roof ready for the onslaught? A lot of homeowners’ neglect roof maintenance because the areas needing repair or maintenance are not usually visible. Roof maintenance can be complex and dangerous, making it necessary to be done by a quality roofing contractor. This is not the area…

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15th May
roof leak repair

Water Spots On The Ceiling? You May Need A Roof Leak Repair

A structurally sound roof protects your home from blazing sun, torrential rain, and high winds. A damaged roof puts all your belongings, as well as the integrity of the internal structure of your building at risk. Water spots on the ceiling are usually the first sign that you have something going wrong up top and may need a roof leak…

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8th May
Commercial Reroofing

Commercial Reroofing: ABC Roofing Has You Covered

Your commercial property means absolutely everything to you – it is a source of income and a place where many employees enter and exit daily as they do their jobs. The problem is that if you’re not having your commercial roof regularly maintained you will need to have your commercial roof redone. This is known as commercial reroofing. What’s The…

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29th Apr
roofing materials

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Roofing Materials?

Roofing materials may seem like a simple topic from the point of view of the average person. But if you have ever needed to install or replace a roof, you would soon have realized how much is going on over your head, with the roof of course! There is a surprising amount of stuff to consider when you are making…

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23rd Apr

ABC Roofing Corp. Partners With Guido’s Restaurant & Pizzeria To Give Local Hospital Workers 50 Meals A Day, Every Week For The Entire Month Of April

ABC Roofing Corp. has been serving South Florida for over 30 years, and during these uncertain and unprecedented times, now is no different. With food prepared by Guido’s Restaurant & Pizzeria in Coral Springs, the roofing company is proud to help with COVID-19 relief by donating 50 meals a day to Broward Health Coral Springs. CORAL SPRINGS, FL, April 23,…

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22nd Apr
roof estimate

Looking For A Roof Estimate In Coral Springs? Call ABC Roofing!

Finding the right roofing contractor to repair or replace your household roof can be a nightmare. Annually, agencies such as the BBB (Better Business Bureau) receive an ample amount of complaints from irate consumers regarding dubious roofing contractors. The problem is that few states have proper legislation in place regarding roofing installation and code requirements. This means that if you…

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15th Apr
new roof

It’s Almost Rainy Season In South Florida, Is It Time To Consider A New Roof?

We’re getting close to South Florida’s annual rainy season, which begins in May (hurricane season then follows from June through October). The season brings sudden squalls and thunderstorms to the tropical South Florida region, but we also enjoy stunning sunsets and rainbows (yes, rainbows). Commercial and residential property owners should be prepared ahead of time with storm shutters, installed high-impact…

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8th Apr
Commercial Roofing Contractors

Always Hire Professional Commercial Roofing Contractors

When you are running a business, roof maintenance is an important element, but it may not be the top priority on your “to do” list. This is where professional commercial roofing contractors come in handy. Hiring a professional will put your mind at ease and lighten your workload. There is never a good time to have a problem with your…

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1st Apr
Leaking Roof

How To Stop A Leaking Roof During A Storm

A roof that starts leaking during a major storm can be a major challenge to deal with. Depending on the extent of the leak, your home could be flooded in no time at all. How do you stop a roof leak while you’re waiting for the roof repair expert to arrive? In a case like this, you want to do…

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27th Mar
Hurricane Roofing

Hurricane Roofing: Choosing The Right Materials

Keeping your South Florida home safe and secure during hurricane season should be your top priority. Your roof and exterior are at risk due to high winds and possible flooding from hurricanes. Choosing the correct roofing material will minimize the potential damage and provide you and your family with peace of mind during hurricane season. What Types Of Hurricane Roofing…

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