Rooftop Tips

14th Dec
Residential Roofing Guide

Your Go-To Residential Roofing Guide

Property owners in South Florida have to consider several factors when buying or building a home or commercial property. For both residential and commercial properties, high-impact windows are standard to protect against tropical storms and hurricanes. A central AC system is also standard in South Florida buildings to keep the interior cool and comfortable for dwelling, and to protect against…

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7th Dec
Roof Leak

When Is The Best time To Fix A Roof Leak

South Florida’s climate and seasons can be a challenge when planning home maintenance and repair. Some of the main expenses that homeowners in Florida face include maintaining a central AC system, purchasing a pest control plan, installing high-impact windows or hurricane shutters, and roof repair and maintenance. We’re going to examine how residential roofs are structured and when it’s the…

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30th Nov
Roof Vents

Why Do I Need Roof Vents?

Roof ventilation is an important yet sometimes overlooked component of any roof. It ensures a healthy, long-lasting roof and a pleasant living environment, while also lowering your utility bills. Roof vents are essential for all homes and buildings, but particularly those in areas which experience warm, wet and humid weather conditions. All roofing companies in South Florida should know just…

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23rd Nov
Protecting Your Roof

Protecting Your Roof: Hang Holiday Lights Without Damaging Your Roof

Ho ho oh no! Holiday lights are wonderful and festive until they result in your foot cracking a few roof tiles or breaking through a layer of your roof. Sometimes we get so caught up in the festive spirit that we forget about protecting our roof. Perhaps you want to beat your neighbors and have the best lights and decorations…

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16th Nov
Flat Roof Repair

Flat Roof Repair: Fixing The Issue of Ponding Water

Flat roofs used to just be a popular choice for commercial buildings – however, there are many residential homes that have flat roofs. It is important to educate yourself on flat roof repair. No roof is 100% perfect and indestructible. Rather, each offers different pros and cons. An issue that might arise with a flat roof is ponding water. In…

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26th Oct
Tile Roof Options

Pros and Cons Of Various Tile Roof Options

So, you’re planning your new home and its down to deciding what type of roof you want, or you are in the process of replacing the current roof on your home. You have decided that tiles are the best option for you for a number of reasons (they have a long life span, they provide a long-lasting protection to your…

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19th Oct
Licensed Roofer

Small Things That Stress Out Your Licensed Roofer

We all think that we can save a quick buck by doing home repairs ourselves, instead of hiring a professional company to take care of it. This holds true for roof repairs, maintenance and other DIY roof projects that we try to tackle. We think we are saving ourselves the time and effort it takes to hire a roofing contractor;…

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12th Oct
Commercial Roofing Contractors

Why Commercial Roofing Contractors Are Needed For Commercial Reroofing Jobs

Commercial roof replacements require a greater level of expertise than residential – but why is this the case? Well, there are a number of reasons why professional commercial roofing contractors may be the best decision for your commercial roof replacement or repair. Let’s take a look at some of these reasons. Commercial Roofing Jobs Are Larger In Scale Commercial roofs…

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9th Oct
Tile Roof Repairs

Quick And Easy Tile Roof Repairs To Do Today

Many tile roof repairs aren’t actually as complicated and time consuming as you might think. Numerous repairs can be done quickly and efficiently when using a roof repair specialist. But how do you know which repairs are the quick and easy ones? Well, let’s identify the hassle-free roof repairs that can be handled quickly by a roof repair specialist. Cracked…

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5th Oct
Waterproofing Roof Guide

Waterproofing a Roof Guide

Waterproofing a roof is not something that many homeowners tend to worry about. Surely your roof is already sufficiently waterproof as is? It might start out that way but over the years, your roof might not be able to keep out even the tiniest of leaks. Roofs should have quality roofing maintenance done to them on a regular basis from…

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