Rooftop Tips

8th Dec
Shingle Roof

How To Extend The Life Of Your Shingle Roof

In order for your shingle roof to last as long as generally expected, you need to take care of it. This includes doing regular roofing maintenance across the space of your shingle roof and ensuring that the condition of your is not forgotten about. Underlying issues can be one of the most dangerous things for the integrity of your roof….

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1st Dec
roof replacement

The Best Time To Get A Roof Replacement In Florida

People don’t think about their roofs much; not really anyway. Unless you are savvy with homeowner stuff or you know someone who has been victim to severe roof damage or even lost their entire roof during a storm, you might not consider the possibility of needing a roof replacement.  The truth is, anyone who owns a home in South Florida…

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19th Nov
professional roof inspection

The Benefits Of A Professional Roof Inspection After A Storm

Storms can wreak havoc on your roof, damaging it in ways that are sometimes hard to see. These can include wind-driven rain, hail, and wind-borne debris. If your roof suffered damage during a storm, you need to get a professional roof inspection right away. Professional roof inspectors will tell you if there are any issues with your rooftop like cracks…

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12th Nov

Roof Safety: Tips For Hanging Lights

Many of us love to decorate for the holiday season by hanging lights from outside our houses. It’s a simple way to spread joy to neighbors or anyone who happens to drive by. However, the process of hanging the lights can be dangerous if you don’t take safety precautions, including roof safety. Few things can put a damper on holiday…

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5th Nov
clay roofing

The Benefits Of Clay Roofing

Clay roof tiles are among some of the oldest kinds of roofing that there is. As a tried and tested roofing solution in the Far and Middle East, its use proliferated through Europe and beyond in the early 16th century. Since clay is moldable, there is no end to its versatility in design and form. Here are some of the…

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26th Oct

How To Maintain Your Shingle Roof

Shingles are a very popular roofing material. Both because of their affordability and their versatility. If you want your shingle roof to last, it will need regular maintenance. Although your shingle roof may look good from a distance, it could well have unseen underlying issues. Here are some pointers to help you take care of your shingle roof. What Can…

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19th Oct
roof inspection

When Is The Best Time To Conduct A Roof Inspection?

A home’s roof is arguably one of the most important aspects of a home, but it often gets given the least amount of thought. Regular roof inspections are vital to the longevity of your roofing system. Often, roofers like ABC Roofing are only called when an issue has been spotted by homeowners. Often, this call is made too late! Your…

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5th Oct
roof replacement

How Often Do You Need A Roof Replacement?

As the saying goes, a man’s home is his castle. We tend to think of our houses as solid structures that will last forever, but as every homeowner has discovered, this is invariably not the case. Homes need constant maintenance, and if you live in a place where violent storms are the norm, you may find yourself having to consider…

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1st Oct
attic ventilation

Why Is Attic Ventilation Important?

Attic ventilation allows your home to breathe and helps to push hot air out and pull the cool air in. Read on to learn more about what attic ventilation is and its importance. How Does Attic Ventilation Work? There are different types of attic ventilation like active and passive. Active ventilation offers indoor air circulation with the help of mechanical…

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24th Sep

Creative Rooftop Garden Ideas

Due to limited amounts of space, highly populated cities don’t always allow for the luxury of a garden or patio. Here’s an option you may not have considered: create your own rooftop gardens. It’s an ingenious solution for people looking to make the most of a small space, grow their own food, while also adding a touch of beauty and…

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