Rooftop Tips

20th Sep
professional roofing team

Checklist For Hiring A Professional Roofing Team

If you’ve decided that it’s time to get your roof in order and you’re looking for a professional roofing team, you can do a few things to ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for and good quality craft. Your roof is, after all, an essential part of the safety of your home and your family. As a professional…

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16th Sep
commercial roof repair

Trust ABC Roofing For Your Commercial Roof Repair

Do you have a commercial roof that needs urgent repair, but you have time and budget constraints? Are you considering using a general handyman, because after all “how difficult can roof repairs possibly be?” Don’t be fooled! Nothing could be further from the truth! The roof is possibly the largest part of your most valuable asset. It is also the…

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14th Sep
roof underlayment protection

How Roof Underlayment Protects Your Home

Your roof is made of many different components, all of which help maintain its integrity. One of the most important parts is the underlayment, which helps to stabilize your roof. Having quality roof underlayment protection is the biggest factor in ensuring a long life for your home’s roof: at least a few decades, if not more. While most people think…

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9th Sep
roof maintenance

Roof Maintenance Tips

It’s true that no roof lasts forever, but many homeowners end up replacing their roofs much sooner than they expected to. A roof replacement is a large investment and can disrupt your everyday routine. Everyday wear and tear shouldn’t age your roof that quickly–so what’s going on? The answer is simple. When you don’t look after something correctly, it breaks….

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25th Aug
Commercial Roofer

Tips On Finding A Professional Commercial Roofer

Commercial roofs are more complex than residential roofing jobs, which is why you can’t just hire any roofer. Industrial roofs are often large-scale and require detailed consideration. A high-quality commercial roof will protect your staff and inventory in the future. Here are the top tips for finding a professional commercial roofer. Find A Licensed Roofer If you have a roofer…

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18th Aug
durable commercial roof

What Is The Most Durable Commercial Roof?

There are various types of roofing materialsthat can be used for your commercial property. Clients often have an image in mind of what they want, which may not align with their needs and budget. Your local roofing contractor about the different types of durable commercial roofing materials that can be used. To help narrow down your choices, we’ve compared a…

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11th Aug
lightweight roofs

Benefits Of Lightweight Roofs

Is your roof weighing you down? The weight of the roof is unlikely to cross your mind under normal circumstances. While this isn’t a problem, necessarily, lightweight roofs are something to consider here in Florida. A major benefit of lightweight roofs for residential and commercial properties is that they can keep the interior cooler. If that isn’t enough to consider…

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4th Aug
commercial roof replacement

Commercial Roof: Repair vs. Replace

If the roof of your commercial property is in need of repair, you may be wondering if you should repair it or if it needs a complete replacement. Nobody wants to replace their commercial roof, but often it is most cost-effective in the long run compared to doing constant minor repairs over the years. There are a number of factors to think…

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28th Jul
roof surface

Protect Your Roof Surface With Roof-A-Cide

Naturally, mold and fungus can grow on your roof surface and cause damage to the structure of your roof. To prevent this from occurring South Florida homeowners have their roofs regularly cleaned, however, there is an alternative to the traditional roof cleaning process that ABC Roofing now offers – Roof-A-Cide. What is Roof-A-Cide? Roof-A-Cide is a non-toxic alternative to high-pressure…

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21st Jul
metal roofing

Does Metal Roofing Rust?

Metal roofing has increased in popularity over recent years, and for good reason. They offer a number of benefits, which includes durability, longer lifespan, energy efficiency, and low maintenance. They are also pest and fire-resistant, and you can choose from a variety of styles and colors to match the rest of your home. One of the most common questions that…

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