Can Roof Cleaning Increase Your Homes Value?

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Your home is the biggest investment you’ve made. There are many things you can do to prevent devaluing your home; maintaining a healthy roof is one of them. Keeping your roof free of debris and having it cleaned periodically can increase your home’s value and help to protect your investment.

Roof Cleaning For Your Home’s Interior

Roof cleaning not only protects your roof. It also helps protect your home’s interior from costly water damage. The build-up of dirt and grime on your roof can cause it to deteriorate over time, leading to cracks or holes. You might experience leaking, causing damage to your ceilings, walls, and flooring.

Removing this debris from your roof before it becomes a problem can prevent serious water damage from occurring. Interior water damage can be costly to repair and will decrease your home’s value further.

Protect Your Home From Pests

Termites and other common pests are drawn to moisture and decaying materials. If your roof is leaking, causing excess moisture within your home’s structure, it is more likely that your house will become invaded by these troublesome insects. Cracks in your home’s rooftop will also provide easier access for the pests.

Damage caused by termites is often not noticeable until the problem is severe. It is very difficult to remove termites and many other pests from your home once they have entered.

Protect Your Home From Mold

Excess moisture can attract more problems than insects. It can also provide the ideal environment for mold growth. Mold is known to cause respiratory and dermatological problems, especially in those with mold sensitivities or allergies.

You can protect your home and family from mold’s harmful consequences by preventing water leaks and reducing the moisture level in your home. Keeping your roof clean is one of many ways you can keep moisture and mold out.

Roof Cleaning Can Attract Potential Buyers

Keeping your roof clean can make it look more appealing to potential buyers. Homebuyers are more likely to look at and place offers on homes that have good curb appeal. A properly maintained roof can mean more potential buyers and higher offers, giving sellers more options. It is of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase your home’s value.

Eco-Friendly Products For Your Roof

Homeowners have more options for roof cleaning than they did a decade ago. Power washing can cause damage to your home and release chemicals that might be found on your home’s exterior. Fortunately, power washing and strong chemical agents are not the only choices: there are eco-friendly products that you can choose from.

Products such as Roof-A-Cide provide a thorough roof cleaning without compromising your family’s health or the environment. Other cleaning agents can seep into your home or onto your lawn after a rainfall. With Roof-A-Cide, there is no need to worry about exposure to harmful toxins.

South Florida Roof Cleaning And More

Choosing the right professionals to perform expert roof cleaning is as important as choosing the right products. Ensuring the company is licensed, insured, and experienced can make all the difference.

ABC Roofing is South Florida’s choice for all your roofing needs. We can clean and repair residential and commercial rooftops with our team of experts. We offer eco-friendly Roof-A-Cide on a variety of roofing types, including shingled, tiled, and stone-coated-steel. Contact us today for a free quote at (954) 344-4622.

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