Causes Of Emergency Roof Repairs And How to Prevent Them

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There are a few worse things a homeowner can experience than a roof emergency, and what makes it worse is if you don’t spring into action immediately, you could be faced with even more damage than just a new roof.

To put your mind at ease, let’s look at some common causes of emergency roof repair and what you can do to prevent needing this service.

Causes Of Emergency Roof Repair

Most of the emergency repairs we get called out to do stem from one of the following issues.

Acts of Nature

High winds, heavy rain, and lightning are all enemies of the roof. When Florida decides to serve us some of its best storms, you can believe that your roof is going to take the brunt of its abuse. High winds can rip full sections of your roof from your house or blow neighboring trees down. Lightning can set your roof ablaze, and excessive water can cause your roof to collapse. While roof repairs cannot be done during a storm, emergency repairs can be done the moment the storm subsides.

Pest Damage

Termites are a real threat to homes in Florida and can cause structural damage. Termites need to be addressed by an exterminator. Repairs to any damage these critters have caused can qualify as an emergency if the damage is causing structural frailty, especially in the face of an oncoming storm!

Poor Roof Maintenance

The best form of repair is preventative. We’ve seen our fair share of damaged roofs that could have been avoided if some preventative maintenance was completed. A broken shingle or cracked flashing is all it takes to create one weak point in a roof that a strong storm can take advantage of. Some simple roof maintenance tips include visibly checking for damaged shingles or tiles and looking for leaks.

What Can I do To Prevent Needing Emergency Roof Repair

The answer to this question is simple. Maintenance, maintenance, and some more maintenance. While nobody can control the weather, making sure your roof is in tip-top condition will give it the best chance of surviving anything mother nature can throw at it.

We recommend you have a professional roofer inspect your roof every two years or after a significant storm, such as Hurricane Ian. Consider contacting a tree surveyor to come out and look at any trees you fear may be falling risk. Finally, have your roof and gutters regularly checked and professionally cleaned to ensure that nothing is obstructing or blocking them and to prevent mold growth. For more tips on roof cleaning, check out our comprehensive guide on roof cleaning.

Emergency Roof Repairs In South Florida

If the worst does come to pass, and you’re left needing an emergency roof repair, contact ABC Roofing, South Florida’s Roofing Experts, at 954-344-4622! From emergency repair to regular maintenance and full roof replacement, we have you covered!

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