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Commercial Reroofing

Your commercial property means absolutely everything to you – it is a source of income and a place where many employees enter and exit daily as they do their jobs. The problem is that if you’re not having your commercial roof regularly maintained you will need to have your commercial roof redone. This is known as commercial reroofing.

What’s The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Reroofing?

There’s a big difference between commercial reroofing and residential reroofing. One thing you need to keep in mind when looking for a commercial roofing contractor is that some roofing companies are only allowed to service residential homes whereas others can service both residential and commercial properties.

This is why you can only enlist the services of professional and state-licensed commercial roofers such as the team at ABC Roofing Corp to handle your commercial roofing.

So how does reroofing for commercial properties differ from residential properties?

Building Size

While a house is generally a story or two at most, commercial properties come in all shapes and sizes. Commercial properties include, but aren’t limited to, office buildings, apartments, and shopping complexes.

Roof Style

Instead of slanted roofs like you see with most residential homes, commercial properties tend to have a low-sloping or flat roof which allows it to be covered without the use of small shingles or tiles. The overall process for commercial properties takes longer and does require more care and labor than residential properties.


The stress loads on commercial property roofs are much higher than that of residential homes. You need to enlist the expertise of a certified commercial roofing company to fully comprehend the different stress loads. Professionals will also understand other complex systems such as airflow, piping, and the like which may need to lead to or from the roof.


Residential roofs make use of small tiles or shingles. Commercial properties need to make use of built-up roof membranes (BUR), single-ply sheets, or modified bitumen. The materials used depends on your type of commercial roof. Keep in mind that all roofing systems are different, so the adhesives and methods used to place and seal the roof will also differ depending on the type of roof.


While it’s easier to have a home partially empty, it’s near impossible to have an office or apartment complex empty while the reroofing is done. This means contractors have to be extremely careful in how they handle the restoration to avoid on-site injuries. This can’t be done by just any company – it needs to be done by a licensed and professional company.

How Do I Know When My Commercial Roof Needs To Be Restored?

This happens to a lot of property owners. While your roof is not exactly out of sight, it’s definitely out of mind. As long as there are no issues you don’t think about it or the regular commercial roof maintenance that should be done. There are a few common signs that your roofing system may need TLC from a roofing professional


When last did you have any maintenance done and how old is the roof? Over time everything will need to be repaired or replaced. While the lifespan of most commercial roofing materials should be for 20 years or more, it can be affected by external factors such as weather or lack of maintenance.

Bubbling or Blistering

If moisture accumulates or air pockets form between the insulation and roofing materials, you’ll end up with blisters or bubbles on your roof. Unfortunately, by the time this damage is seen, it may be more cost-effective to opt for a total reroofing instead of roofing repair.


If you notice any cracks or splits in your roof – It’s time to call in the professionals.


If you’re noticing a smell that you just can’t get rid of or even minor mold outbreaks on the roof, there may be trapped moisture. Remember that mold breeds in damp environments and can harm the respiratory health of the building’s occupants.

ABC Roofing Corp Has Got You Covered

Nobody wants to run the risk of a roof collapse. You as the property owner must have your roof regularly maintained, repaired, or replaced if needed. We’re confident that we can help you maintain your roof! We are experienced state-licensed roofing contractors and we offer a variety of roofing warranties ranging from 10 to 20 years. Don’t hesitate to call us at 954-440-7903! We’re South Florida’s roofing experts, keeping you covered!

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