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Whether it’s to shield you and your business from the summer rains that bash South Florida and a particularly brutal hurricane season every year, or simply to shade you and your clients or employees from the sweltering heat which descends in June, the importance of commercial roof maintenance is not to be underestimated. That said, it is often overlooked and whoever coined the phrase ‘prevention is better than cure’, must have been in the roofing business. Common commercial roof problems include leaks, defective flashing, ponding water, blistering, and billowing and blow-offs. Our experts at ABC Roofing Corp have put together a handy Commercial Roof Maintenance Guide to ensure the roof is kept over you and your business’s head all year round.

  • Step 1 – Hire A Reputable Licensed And Professional Roofing Contractor
    Commercial roofs are often much larger and cover more surface space than residential roofs, which is why you may find that they are made from different materials which require specific care. It’s important that all commercial roof owners make use of a roofing contractor with licensing and experience, given the important nature of your roof. Any professional roofing maintenance company worth their salt will have a set commercial roof maintenance plan on offer to their clients.
  • Step 2 – Undergo Routine Inspections
    Much in the same way your car goes for a service one a year, your roof needs to go for one, too. Routine roof inspections typically should be undertaken twice a year when the seasons change and the weather is relatively mild. The Fall and Spring months are the ideal times of the year in which to get this done. These routine checks will include drain and downspout inspections where blockages or obstructions that may inhibit drainage are cleared. Penetration and flashing checks for gaps are also routine, as are rooftop vent and equipment inspection. Lastly, your roofing contractor will keep an eye out for any spots of damage or suspected mold problems.
  • Step 3 – Undergo Routine Repairs
    Just like the tires on your vehicle need replacing and the paint on your boat needs a new coat, so do many nuts, bolts and structural items on your commercial roof need repair jobs done, too. This is the result of general wear and tear as well as exposure to the elements.
  • Step 4 – Take Your Roofing Contractor’s Advice
    After all, they’re old hands at this business. A well-qualified roofing contractor will keep abreast of any and all technological developments that could help protect your commercial roof further, whether it’s making use of UV-resistant reflective coatings or any other environmentally resistant commercial roof products which will help weather South Florida’s climate.

Being proactive, rather than reactive or passive, about your commercial roof maintenance will save you time and money in the long-term. Regular maintenance checks will not only help you avoid any future problems, but it will fix any existing ones before they get out of control. If you wait too long, that small leak could become a widespread damp and mold problem which, in turn, could see you having to replace your roof entirely. Commercial roof maintenance is a sure way to maximize and increase the life expectancy of your commercial roof.

Operating across South Florida, ABC Roofing Corp boasts a range of commercial roof maintenance plans for South Floridians who know prevention is better than cure. Get in touch with ABC Roofing Corp today to discuss a commercial roof maintenance plan for your business or building, guaranteed to save you money in the long run and to increase the life expectancy of your commercial roof.

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