Commercial Roof Replacement

commercial roof replacementCommercial roof replacement jobs require far more expertise than residential roofing. Why might that be? It’s because commercial roof replacements are usually much larger than residential roof replacement and require unique roofing materials. For these reasons, it is all the more important that business-owners and commercial property-owners give their roof replacement requirements to an expert in the industry: ABC Roofing Corp.

As with any roof replacement, commercial or otherwise, the purpose is to keep out the elements and protect the structure from weather damage, most notably water. South Florida is no stranger to rain and strong winds given our humid climate and hurricane-prone coastline. Commercial flat roofs – such as Built Up (BUR), modified bitumen, or TPO – are durable, effective, and efficient commercial roofs that provide excellent waterproofing and are extremely resilient to weather inclemency.

All business owners want their roof to be in good shape, but we understand that they also don’t want to pay a fortune for roofing services. ABC Roofing Corp. offers competitive prices, the ability to replace an old roof with one made by the experts, and a reputation for excellent client service. We can promise that you’re getting the most value for your money along with a roof replacement that will last. Don’t let an old, leaky roof bother you any longer. Call ABC Roofing Corp. today for more information and all your commercial roof replacement needs.

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