Why Commercial Roofing Contractors Are Needed For Commercial Reroofing Jobs

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Commercial roof replacements require a greater level of expertise than residential – but why is this the case? Well, there are a number of reasons why professional commercial roofing contractors may be the best decision for your commercial roof replacement or repair. Let’s take a look at some of these reasons.

Commercial Roofing Jobs Are Larger In Scale

Commercial roofs are generally larger than residential roofs. If you think about the sheer floor size of many commercial spaces, we then need to remember that these areas all need to be covered by a roof. Although you may think that you can do it yourself, don’t underestimate the scale of the job and the time commitment and expertise required to do it. It can very easily cost you countless days of frustration if not done correctly. It’s better to get an experienced contractor who can take on your roof repair job confidently.

Commercial Roofing Design Is Different To Residential Roofs

Most residential roofs are steep and high sloped, where the vast majority of commercial roofs are low sloped and often completely flat. Flat roofs require more ongoing inspection and maintenance. This can be because of various measures that are taken into consideration when designing flat roofs. These measures can include:

  • The large surface area that needs to be covered.
  • The weight of the roofing materials, and the construction techniques involved.
  • The potential rainfall drainage issues that the roof will need to accommodate.

It is important to pay attention to where you walk on a commercial roof to reduce the risk of falling through. It’s good to know that professional contractors take all these factors into consideration and will provide you with peace of mind that you will be safely covered.

Commercial Roofs Require Specialized Materials

Commercial roofs often consist of specialized materials that require a level of skill and expertise to work with. Some of the main types of commercial roofing include:

  • Bur Roofing

    This stands for ‘built up roof’ membranes and are sometimes also known as tar and gravel roofs. Bur roofs are composed of alternate layers of bitumen. These layers, along with reinforcing materials create a completed membrane.

  • Modified Bitumen

    This is a type of asphalt that includes rubber and fiber composites which help to increase a roofs durability. Modified bitumen is ideal for low slope roofs.

  • Single Ply

    These are single layer roof systems which are installed in a single application. These provide a lightweight roofing solution.

Installation Considerations

In addition to the roofing materials themselves, there are also other roofing aspects which need to be taken into consideration when installing commercial roofs. These include ventilation requirements for the building, any external piping which needs to be attached, and in some cases, a reflective coating that may need to be applied to the roof. Correct drainage is also vital in order to prevent potential ponding in the event of rain. Commercial flat roofs also need to be watertight to prevent any leaks, and so it’s important to consult with a specialist who possesses the correct skill set to tightly weld the seams in the roof.

As you can see, commercial reroofing can be a complex matter. It’s best to get an experienced roofing expert in to deal with your reroofing requirements. ABC Roofing Corp is one of these companies who prides themselves with 30 years of experience with the South Florida business community. They are just a phone call away at: 954-344-4622.

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