Commercial Roofing Problems: Blistering

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Commercial Roofing Problems: Blistering

One of the most common commercial roofing problems that requires a roof repair is blistering. Roof blisters are more likely to appear in areas with warmer weather like South Florida because the roof is exposed to more harsh sunlight during the day. Blistering is not limited to a single type of roofing system and can appear in roofs that are made with various materials. Roof systems with membranes, however, are more susceptible to blistering. Left untreated, roof blisters can lead to extensive damage so it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with what causes them, how to repair them, and what potential damage they could lead to if left untreated.

What Is Roof Blistering?

Blistering forms when there is less adhesion on the roof due to the roofing materials stretching from the heat or direct sunlight. – this allows certain areas of the roof to become raised and fill up with air or water. These raised areas can look like bubbles all over the roof of your commercial property.  When air or water is trapped inside a blister, the warm weather during the day can cause the inside of the blister to expand and grow. If these blisters are left untreated, they will continue to grow allowing more moisture to get inside them until they tear your roofing materials leaving you with extensive damage and repair costs.

The common causes of roof blisters are:

  • Moisture
  • Improper Roof Ventilation
  • Improper Roof Installation

How Can You Prevent Roof Blistering?

The best way to avoid blistering, is learning what causes them – here are 3 key things to keep in mind for preventing roof blisters.

  • Avoid Moisture

    Always make sure your roofing contractor is keeping your roof and roofing materials dry. Be sure to seal the substrate roof materials and ensure it is completely dry before installing the new roof. While the roof is being installed, the contractor must make sure that the unfinished roof is covered and all materials are put away nightly until the job is complete.

  • Correct Installation

    Ensure that the roofing materials are installed correctly to avoid a loss of adhesion. Many instances of roof blistering are caused by improper installation caused by skipping out vital installation steps. It is a good idea to make sure the installation board fits tightly together with the substrate, and that the roofing area is cleaned well before starting the process. Finally, it is very important to allow for proper ventilation of the new roofing system.

  • Regular Inspections

    Regardless of whether your roof is old or new, having a maintenance contract with your local roofing contractor is important to make sure your roof is regularly inspected and any damage is repaired before further damage can be caused.

How Can You Fix Roof Blistering?

We have already established that leaving your roof blisters untreated can lead to extensive damage and eventually a roof replacement so it’s best to get them fixed as soon as possible. If you find that your roof is blistering, make sure you hire an experienced commercial roofing company to perform the repair. The repair process differs depending on the different roofing materials. Roofing materials that require the use of adhesives will require the blistered area to be cut out entirety so that the area can be cleaned and a new layer of adhesive can be put down. Other materials will require patches or seals to be put over the blistered area.

Finding the right contractor to perform your commercial roofing project can be daunting task – it’s important to find a company that is reliable and will perform the job using quality materials. At ABC Roofing Corp we are one of the leading South Florida roofing companies – family owned and operated, we have been serving South Florida for over 30 years. If you have a roofing problem, large or small, we would appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a prompt, free estimate. Feel free to call our office 954-344-4622.

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