Common Commercial Roof Repairs: Beat the Heat!

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commercial roof repairs

If your commercial roof has prolonged exposure to the sun, then it is likely to suffer heat-related damage. Knowing the finer details of heat and UV-ray damage can help you to identify potential problem areas, helping you to prevent costly repairs in future.

Frequent Maintenance Checks

Frequent checking of your roof can help you to spot potential problems before they become dire.

When it comes to commercial roof repairs, a lot of damage can be attributed to the harsh rays of the sun, as well the intense heat. Below is a list of the potential problems to look out for on your commercial roof:

  • Bubbles or Blisters

    This is characterized by bubble-like protrusions on the roof. These ‘blisters’ occur when attic areas are poorly ventilated, as heat rising up from below can cause distortions to material. This results in blisters and cracks. Poor ventilation could also be a result of insufficient roof installation, where the top layer surface has lost its adhesion to the roof. This allows for moisture to get under the material.

    Blistering can lead to water damage, as the bubbles allow for water to come through your roof and cause water damage. It is therefore important to prevent blisters from getting worse, as they can lead to bigger problems that could end up much more costly to repair.

    Repair: This would need immediate attention to avoid further bills! Bubbled roofing cannot easily be repaired, and so the area that is blistered may need replacing. The ventilation and application or roofing should be checked by a professional roofing contractor.

  • Thermal Shock

    Thermal shock occurs when roofing materials expand in the heat and contract when it gets cooler. Consistent thermal shock can cause strain on your commercial flat roof, making it weak and prone to splitting or cracking. This phenomenon can occur to a wide variety of flat roofing materials, even sealants and wood rafters/decking.

  • Defective Flashing

    It is necessary to consider what may be indirectly affected by thermal shock, for example flat roof flashings. Thermal shock can cause the flashing to rip, which makes it ineffective at redirecting water away from seams.

    Repair: Cracks and splits can cause leaks in your roof and allow moisture to collect. If left untreated, cracks can lead to water damage problems, eventually causing the roof to be unstable and more expensive to replace! A professional should be consulted to inspect the entire roof, as the surrounding areas (flashings, joints, seams, and sealants) may also need further attention.

    If weather temperature tends to be extreme in your area, it is wise to speak with a roofing contractor about quality commercial roof material and proper installation to prevent thermal shock.

  • Moisture, Mold, and Condensation

    Heat from the sun causes air to rise, and as hot air rises, condensation occurs. When warm air passes through holes or leaks, this can cause excessive moisture. For some materials, this can easily lead to rot, causing the roof to be weaker.

    Repair: Holes and cracks can be repaired, but it is important to have a thorough inspection of your roof to see if any other causes of condensation are likely. In some cases, the cause of condensation is due to inadequate ventilation in the attic area, which will need to be addressed by a professional.

Why a Professional Roofing Contractor?

The function of your roof should be taken seriously. Roof installation, repair and maintenance should be done by someone who has the right skills and expertise to prevent further damage and repair bills.

Professionals can guide you on choosing the right commercial flat roof system, and advise on the diagnosis and repair of flat roof problems. Correct preventive measures are key, sd you can avoid future costs in the long run by avoiding DIY mistakes. Attending to your roof by yourself is not advised, as you can put yourself at risk (not to mention your roof as well!)

What Can I Do?

Frequent checks can help your maintenance upkeep, as you will be able to spot a problem before it escalates. If you discover any potential problem areas, it is then time to put the problem into the capable hands of ABC Roofing Corp., with their top quality commercial roofing repairs. Contact us today at 954-344-4622.

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