Common Residential Roof Repairs

Roof Repair

Residential Roof Repairs

It’s safe to say your roof is one of the most important components of your home. It acts as a barrier against rain, heat, and high winds, as well as other potential dangers.

Therefore, you must know how to identify any signs of trouble to ensure it continues to protect you and your family. Here is a list of common roof damages that you may encounter that will require residential roof repairs.

Roof Leaks

Your roofs are oftentimes negatively affected by the very things they protect us from, such as severe storms. While some signs are more obvious than others, water leaks can go undetected for years. A small leak can lead to permanent damage and costly repairs.

Water stains that extend across your ceilings or walls are key signs that you have a leaky roof. You can also identify leaks from the outside by looking for any items penetrating your roofs, such as plumbing, vents, chimney and dormers. These areas are most common for leaks.

You might not be able to notice water stains if your ceiling has a plastic vapor barrier between your drywall and attic insulation. In this case, you should regularly check for stains on the plastic by pushing the insulation aside.

Water leaks that go unnoticed for days or even hours lead to mold growth and bubbling on your walls, ceilings and attic, as well as cause structural damages. It also increases the risk of fires when water comes in contact with electrical components in your home.

Damaged Roof Vents

Roof vents help expel hot air through the attic to reduce indoor temperature extremes. If you notice any cracks on your plastic roof vents or broken seams on metal ones, it’s time to start shopping for a replacement. These damages are commonly caused by extreme weather such as storms and high winds.

After each storm, you should inspect your vents for issues such as blockages from debris, disconnected pipes or ducts, missing caps and covers, small holes and corroded spots. If you aren’t up to the task, don’t panic. You can simply hire a qualified roofing contractor to take a look at the vents for you.

Once you notice your vents are damaged, don’t wait too long to get it replaced or fixed because it can negatively affect your property and the health of those living in your home. Something as small as a missing cap on your vents will allow water to enter through your piping and ductwork to your walls, ceilings and attic causing it to rot and develop mold over time.

The most dangerous outcome of damaged vents is when they fail to remove dangerous gases from your home such as sewer gas, which emits a rotten-egg odor. This gas emits methane and carbon monoxide into your home that can cause headaches, drowsiness, nausea, dizziness and even home explosions.

Damaged Roof Flashing

You can find flashing – commonly made of galvanized steel or aluminum – surrounding your roof vents, chimneys and skylights. It directs water away from critical areas of your roof.

A good way to identify whether or not your roof flashing is damaged is to check for signs of water around the chimney and downhill from it. The issue is usually due to poor installation, poor repairs, human error, as well as age and exposure. Because it is such an essential part of your roof, do not attempt to install or fix it on your own.

As your flashing ages, it will eventually wear down and lose its efficiency. It is best to call a contractor to check on it periodically, especially after extreme weather like hurricanes. Drastic temperature changes can cause your flashing to bend or rust.

Tile Replacement

The most common types of roof tiles you can find in the market are made of concrete, clay, as well as efflorescence and lime blows. These materials are known to be durable enough to last for decades. However, they can get cracked, broken or even come loose due to severe weather and tree damages.

When a tree limb comes crashing down on your roof, it can cause severe damages to your tiles. Even when the branches are constantly rubbing against your home, they can scratch your roof. Therefore, it’s best to routinely trim down any branches that come in contact with your roof.

If you notice any cracked or broken tiles, you should call your contractor right away for residential roof repair because it can cause a breach in your roofing system causing leaks. It’s also advisable to have a contractor inspect your roof at least once a year to properly maintain your roof and extend its lifespan.

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