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Due to limited amounts of space, highly populated cities don’t always allow for the luxury of a garden or patio. Here’s an option you may not have considered: create your own rooftop gardens. It’s an ingenious solution for people looking to make the most of a small space, grow their own food, while also adding a touch of beauty and relaxation.

Read on for some creative tips to build and maintain your rooftop garden, as well as some of the benefits of owning one.

Make Sure You Have Permission

First things first: If you don’t own your property, don’t do anything on your rooftop without clear permission from your landlord. This could mean getting your roof examined first, which may then require your landlord to make some changes to the roof’s surface. You’ll want to make sure that the weight limits for garden structures, containers, and soil will not exceed the roof’s weight capacity.

Once you have that approval, you may want to hire a garden designer who specializes in rooftop gardens if you don’t have experience in this type of specialty gardening.

Improve Your Space and The Environment

Rooftop gardens are more than just nice to look at or sit in after a long day’s work. Both your wallet and the environment can benefit! These spaces can help reduce runoff from stormwater, as well as reduce cooling costs because of the shelter they provide. A garden on the roof isn’t just a space for you and your family, but also a refuge for birds, bees, and butterflies. You can grow trees, flowers, and even grow your own food while improving the surrounding air quality and improving the overall look of your building.

How Rooftop Gardens Differ from Ground Ones

The climate on a rooftop is different from on the ground level. It tends to be windier up there, and the environment is a lot hotter up there since it’s in direct sunlight. Whatever is planted on a rooftop should be able to survive intense heat, along with other potentially severe elements.

You can, however, create spaces for shade by adding taller plants or trees. Another creative shade idea is adding wooden or lattice screens that plants grow on.

Designing And Maintaining Your New Garden

Experts recommend not using regular garden soil on your roof. This material is too heavy and won’t drain well because it doesn’t hold much water. Experts recommend using a lighter, artificial soil for roof gardens to prevent damage to your home.

Because these plants are exposed to more sunlight, you’ll want to consider installing an automatic drip irrigation. Even then, you’ll need to personally water your plants at least twice a day when temperatures are especially high (a regular occurrence during Florida summers).

You can plant in-ground plants, raised beds, or use pots and containers; the possibilities are endless.

Rooftop Repairs, Services, and More in South Florida

You may know a thing or two about traditional gardens, but rooftop gardens are a bit different. Before you get started with this new project, make sure that your roof is in good shape. A professional roofing contractor can examine your roof for any leaks, cracks, or other damages, and fix them at reasonable cost. ABC Roofing has proudly served the residents of South Florida for over 30 years.

Whatever your roofing needs, from minor repairs to a complete replacement, we do it all. Our wide range of services for residential roofs includes emergency repairs, water and storm-proofing, re-roofing, installing shingles, and more. For questions or to ask about a quote, contact ABC Roofing today at 954-344-4622.

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