Do You Need A Roof Leak Repair? Know The Warning Signs

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Do you have a roof leak that you can’t get on top of? There are many reasons why roofs leak and where some leaks are quite obvious, others can be hard to locate and fix. Here are the main warning signs to help you identify if you need a roof leak repair. By following these indicators you’ll be able to help prevent and fix a roof leak in no time.

Ceiling Stains

If you have a water stain that looks like a puddle on your ceiling, you may well have a water leak in your roof.

Often ringed by a brown color, water stains are a warning sign of a roof leak that could get worse over time. Water stains in darker areas are harder to locate and so it’s important to do a thorough inspection of your ceiling.

If you notice a ceiling stain, the most important thing to do is to locate the roof leak. Once this has been located, the leak can be assessed and repaired. We recommend that you call a professional because leaks that aren’t dealt with can lead to more serious problems such as rotting wood and mold growth.

Damaged Plumbing Vent Boots

Plumbing vent boots are vulnerable to damage as they are external fixtures on your roof.

Over time, the rubber boot that surrounds the pipe can tear and may even show signs of rotting. When this is the case, the water-tight seal that the rubber creates is compromised, and water can work its way into your house.

Depending on the extent of the damage, a repair job may be as easy as replacing the rubber boot, but it could also involve a more complicated repair. It’s best to get in an expert to assess the damage on your plumbing vent boot.

Mold Where Your Exterior Wall and Roof Meet

Mold loves to grow in warm, humid environments and can be a tell-tale sign of a roof leak.

A key place to look is where your roof and exterior wall meet as this is where a lot of run-off water is channeled down by your kick-out flashing. A warning sign may include an exterior door or window that is beginning to rot. Chances are that a damaged section of kick-out flashing is causing water to drip on your door or window which is causing it to rot.

When flashing is damaged it loses its waterproofing ability and allows water to leak into your house. If the damage isn’t too severe, it is possible to repair the damaged flashing without having to replace the whole roof. A proper roof inspection will help to identify any areas of damaged flashing.

Damaged missing Shingles or tiles

If you’ve noticed missing damaged or missing shingles or tiles on your roof, this could cause a roof leak overtime time.

Even though you may not notice an interior leak, a patchy roof could be the cause of a roof leak originating in your attic. If you notice any damage on your roof, get a reputable roofer in to inspect your roof. They will be able to assess the extent of the damage and repair your roof thoroughly.

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