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One of the most expensive aspects of owning your own home is roof repairs, and hopefully, they’re few and far between. Asphalt shingle or composition roofs should last homeowners 20 years if properly installed and maintained. The climate you live in also plays a huge part in a roof’s life expectancy. South Florida is no stranger to hurricane-force winds and torrential rains, which is why now is a great time to consider whether or not you need to get your roof shingles repaired or replaced.

If it’s been more than 10 years since you’ve last had your roof checked for deficiencies, you should really consider calling South Florida’s roofing professionals. Maybe your roof doesn’t need any repairs at all, but with hurricane season just months away, wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry? Our roofing experts don’t gouge you with exorbitant costs for unnecessary roof work and they’re thorough in the evaluation of the problem. If there is an issue, ABC Roofing will find it and fix it right, the first time, and not to the detriment of your wallet.

Signs of Roof Shingle Wear and Tear

Roof shingles come in a variety of materials, and therefore their lifespans and maintenance needs vary. However, there are a few things you can look out for when spotting an aging or damaged shingle, so that you can assess whether it is time for repair or replacement:

  • Discoloration

    Sometimes, roofs have dark streaks or discolored patches. This is usually caused by a form of algae, which is known for retaining moisture. These tiles should be cleaned to avoid any further water damage. However, it is important to have a professional roofing contractor’s opinion on the method of cleaning, as some roofing materials can be damaged if the wrong cleaning method or product is used.

    If algae growth becomes a recurrence even though regularly cleaned, it may be a sign that your roof needs a replacement with copper-infused shingles to prevent algae growth.

  • Curling Edges

    Over time, shingles begin to curl up at the edges, making the entire roof structure more unstable. If multiple shingles appear to have curling edges, it’s time for a full replacement.

  • Cracks

    Whether it is asphalt or composite materials, shingles are known to crack after a while, especially when exposed to weather and the elements for a long time. UV-ray damage and wind can cause shingles to become brittle, and flying debris can cause roofing structures to crack on impact.

    In places like South Florida, hurricane season is something to consider when repairing and replacing roofing structures, as you want to make sure your roofing structure can withstand damage from flying debris. Additionally, a strong roofing structure can prevent additional house maintenance costs that often occur when a roofing structure caves!

  • Cupping

    This is when shingles become concave in the middle, giving the roof an inconsistent, disorganized appearance as the shingles no longer can fit together neatly. This is usually a sign of old age and often makes the roof structure weaker as the shingles can no longer interlock properly. Rainwater tends to pool in these concave areas, making the shingles more vulnerable to water damage. These tiles usually need to be replaced.

  • Loss of Granules

    Granules in shingles are there for the purpose of keeping the shingle protected from the weather so that it can last longer. Granules are usually made of minerals, and add a rough texture to the shingle. Over time, these granules can shrink, fall out and wither away when exposed to the elements. As a result, shingles are left with large, black spots revealing the missing granules. These spotty areas make the shingles much weaker due to the exposure, which makes them prone to breakage.

What Do I Do if My Shingles Are Showing Signs of Wear and Tear?

As a general rule, if only a few of your shingles are showing signs of damage, you can replace those select few. However, if you know your roof is old, and many of your roof shingles are experiencing more than one of these problems, it is time to replace your roof.

There are a variety of shingle styles and materials to choose from, so you can tailor your roof repair based on your home’s structure and location.

How To Replace Or Repair Your Roof

There are many reasons why DIY is not a safe option, and roof replacement or repair is something only qualified professionals are able to do safely and efficiently. ABC Roofing Corp. has a staff of trained experts that have the skills and specialized knowledge needed to give you sound advice and quality service during your roof’s shingle replacement or repair.

Shingle Roof Repair In Coral Springs & Boca Raton

I hope reading this article has given you some insight into shingle roof repairs. Remember, it’s never too late for preventative maintenance. Do you still have questions about the integrity of your shingle roof? Call ABC Roofing Corp. at 1-954-344-4622. Our experts are ready to help!

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