Don’t Let Rain Ruin Your Day: A Guide To Roof Leak Repair

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Dealing with roof leak repair is not something that every homeowner has at the top of their household maintenance to-do list. Depending on the location of the leak, it can often go unnoticed until it’s too late and you need a roofing contractor to come out for extensive roof repairs or replacements. So how can you avoid this, one main way is to keep an eye out for common signs of a roof leak and the other is to understand why your roof is constantly leaking.

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Common Signs Of A Roof Leak

Roof leaks aren’t always things that draw your attention immediately. This is why a leaking roof may come as a surprise, especially when you least expect it. However, here are some tell-tale signs that you should always keep an eye out for.

  • Discoloration: Discoloration is a clear sign that you have a water leak somewhere within your home. Your roof could be the main entry point for the leak, so keep an eye out for discolored stains on the walls or ceilings. Patches could indicate where the water is pooling which is what’s causing the discoloration.
  • Moisture: If you’ve ever noticed moisture or water droplets on your walls, chances are high that there is a leak somewhere in the vicinity.
  • Blistering or Peeling Paint: It’s obvious that you have a moisture problem when your paint starts to peel or blister. You can notice bubbling or cracks, especially along the top of the roof.
  • Mold: Mold and mildew are common indicators of a leak. It thrives in damp and humid conditions and a leaking roof is the perfect spot for it to thrive within your home. Keep in mind that excessive mold growth and spores can harm your health.
  • Broken Roofing Materials: Take a walk around the perimeter of your home and see if you can spot any broken or missing tiles or roofing shingles. The missing materials could serve as an entry point that allows water to leak into your home.​​​​​​
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Common Reasons Why Your Roof Is Leaking & How You Can Fix It

Now that you are familiar with the typical signs of a roof leak, it’s important to find out the root causes and learn the best approach to fix it. The first and most important thing you need to keep in mind is that it’s never recommended for you to climb onto your roof to inspect it. Not only is this hazardous for your safety, but you could cause more damage to your roof. Alternatively, you can walk the perimeter of your property to see if there are any visible signs of broken or damaged tiles or shingles.

The Problem: Damaged or Missing Roofing Tiles

One of the common culprits when it comes to roof leaks is missing or damaged roofing tile materials. As your roofing materials age, they can lose their ability to protect your roof from varying weather conditions. Especially if you live in an area that is prone to tropical storms, hurricanes, or high temperatures. These adverse weather conditions can cause your roof tiles to lift, crack, or even age faster and are more vulnerable to leaks.

The Solution: Contact your local roofing contractor to have any missing or broken roofing tiles replaced as soon as possible. The longer you leave it, the more the interior of your home will be exposed to the elements.

The Problem: Damaged Flashing

If the this metal that’s used to seal the joints of any protrusions in your roof is damaged or inadvertently loosened, water can enter your home. Flashing acts as an important seal for any decorative or functional aspects of your roof – this includes skylights, vents, chimneys, walls, etc.

The Solution: Your local roofing contractor may need to reinstall your flashing or at least enforce the sealing of the flashing and then check that no structural damage occurred while the interior of your roof was exposed to the elements.

The Problem: Poor Drainage & Ponding Water

In a tropical climate, heavy rainfall is expected and problems can occur when your roof doesn’t drain correctly and roof ponding is the result. This happens when water accumulates into a small puddle or “pond” that does not drain. Not only is additional strain placed on your roofing tiles but your roofing structure can be damaged by the water.

The Solution: Clear your drains as best as possible to ensure that water can run-off uninterrupted. If you still have concerns about your roof drainage, a professional roofing contractor will be able to complete a full inspection and advise on solutions to ensure your roof drains effectively.

The Problem: Improper Installation

The issue might be with your roof installation and unfortunately, it may not become apparent until considerable time has passed. It might take months after the job is completed before leaks and other related problems begin to surface.

The Solution: When contemplating roof repairs or replacements, always go with licensed and experienced professional roofing contractors.

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