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Of all the home improvement decisions you make for your South Florida home or property, the roof may be the most important. Whether you’re building new, restoring historic, or replacing your roof altogether, the type of roof you choose is not a decision to take lightly. You’ll want reliable roofing materials to protect your investment. But you’ll also look for style, affordability, and quick installation. So, before you make any roofing decisions, consider the below list of pros and cons of a flat roof.

Take a look at these various advantages and potential challenges of a flat roof before calling in the roofing experts.

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Flat Roof Advantages

Before you jump in and schedule the traditional pitched roof replacement, consider the advantages of a flat roof. Even if you aren’t sure if a flat roof is an ideal fit for your property, these benefits might just have you convinced.

More affordable than pitched roofs

More Florida homeowners and commercial property owners are turning to a modern flat roof design because of affordability. Flat roof systems are inherently more cost-effective, for example, if you’re roofing a pitched or angled roof, you’ll need more materials. There’s less surface area to cover with a flat roof. In some cases, the savings are upwards of $5,000. So, if saving money is a top priority for your roofing project, definitely consider the flat roof system.

Provides more usable space

Essentially, when you opt for the flat roof design, you give yourself another “floor” to work with as usable space. Building owners and homeowners appreciate the new flat roof space they have. Turn your flat roof into a garden oasis of potted plants or transform a new rooftop patio relaxation area. With the right engineering to secure the structure beneath it, the flat room can be a game-changer for customizing additional living and outdoor spaces.

A great place for your HVAC

Commercial properties and multi-family apartments are ideal structures for flat roofs. HVAC units can occupy a great deal of your outdoor space – that is unless you have a flat roof. Situate your HVAC on the roof to save space and also, rooftop units are better protected from vandalism, people, or ground-bound critters.

Install solar panels

If you’ve also been exploring your options for solar power, a flat roof is a great solution. Flat roofs are perfect for solar panel installation, allowing for maximum sun exposure throughout the day. When it comes to installing a eco-friendly solar solution, a flat roof is the perfect spot.

Less disruptive to install

Logistics is another advantage flat roof designs have over their pitched counterparts. With fewer materials to manage and surface area to cover, there’s just less time needed to complete a new flat roof installation. It’s just less disruptive of a process altogether, meaning fewer interruptions and faster turnarounds.

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Flat Roof Disadvantages

Flat roof designs, despite all of these advantages, aren’t for every building or home, there are challenges that sometimes present with a flat roof that you’ll need to know before making your decision.

Potential drainage issues

Typically, a pitched roof will channel rainfall and water drainage off of your home or building into the gutters and funnel away from your property with downspouts. However, a flat roof isn’t designed to use gravity the way pitched roofs do. Flat roof designs do have a slight angle to them, allowing for water runoff, however, a flat roof is more prone to standing water, which can lead to drainage concerns and roof leaks if not properly addressed.

Boring style

There’s something stylish about a traditional pitched roof, with its sloping angles and peaks. These roofs can add character and curb appeal to any home. And today’s roofing materials are diverse, with swaths of color from which to choose. Alternatively, a flat roof is, well, flat. It’s not going to bring the style and aesthetics that pitched roofs can. Adding to the stylish mediocrity of flat roofs is the limited availability of flat roof colors.

Direct sun exposure

Pitched roofs, with their various angles, do a better job of dodging the South Floida sun’s brutal rays. On the other hand, the flat roof is subjected to direct sunlight all day, meaning flat roof materials could experience sun damage quicker than traditional angled roofs. To combat this flat roof disadvantage, there are reflective roof coating solutions to help. But ultimately, it’s going to be in the direct line of the sun year-round.

Limited space for insulation

With a pitched roof, you’ll have ample area for insulation, which is necessary for keeping those interior spaces comfortable year-round. However, with a flat roof, there is limited “attic” space, reducing the flexibility for insulation. Without adequate insulation, you could, over time, start to experience higher utility heating and air conditioning costs, as well as reduced energy efficiency.

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Trust Your Flat Roof Project to South Florida’s Roofing Experts

Before making any decisions about your home or commercial property’s roof, check with ABC Roofing Corp. We’ve been South Florida’s trusted roofing company for 30 years and counting.

From residential and commercial roof replacements to small tile repairs and roof leaks, trust our team to help you make the right decisions.

Whether you choose to take advantage of these flat roof benefits or go a different route with your roofing project, we’re here to guide your roofing investment efforts.

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