Has Your Home Undergone Hurricane Roof Services?

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hurricane roof services

Hurricane roof services are not necessarily needed in every State – but Florida is not one of these States that are exempt. Typical hurricane season on the Atlantic is from the beginning of June until the end of November. That is a long time to leave your home unprotected without the necessary hurricane roof services. On average, 1 to 2 hurricanes will hit the East Coast of America per year – of these, 40% could unfortunately hit Florida.

A Quick Roof Checklist

There are a few things that are quick and easy to incorporate for hurricane preparation when it comes to your roof. Others are more complicated, and not as obvious to the untrained eye. Hiring a professional will ensure that everything is checked safely and prepared to proof your home for a storm.

  • Loose tiles and shingles – these need to be located and replaced.
  • Trees within proximity – trees need to be trimmed to prevent debris from falling on your roof.
  • Making your roof sturdy – by reroofing your home and repairing any damage will make sure your roof is sturdy enough to weather the storm.
  • Increase sheathing resistance – this can be done by applying construction adhesive between roof decking and rafters.

Steps to Prepare Your Roof for a Hurricane Storm

The first step in preparation for a storm is to schedule a professional roof inspection. This is an opportunity to fix any potential damages and proactively put in place storm damage preventative measures.

Some of these potentially dangerous situations can be debris, shingle asphalt wear, dead tree branches, clogged gutters and soft areas that have lost the strength of their reinforcement. Sometimes there are internal damages caused by hazards such as leaks.

Maintaining the quality of your asphalt shingles is an important step in preparing for hurricane season. Older models of asphalt shingles can protect your roof for winds up to 50-60 mph, but new asphalt shingles can provide protection for up to 110mph. If your shingles are not strong enough, strong winds can lift them from its base and expose internal structures. This heightens the risk of water penetration and damage. Apart from replacing old shingles with new ones, you can also make sure that roof adhesive is applied to any loose ones. This should be done 2-4 weeks prior to hurricane season, to give the adhesive time to cure.

Adding reinforcement to your roof is another step to take to prepare for hurricane season. A professional roofing contractor will be able to accurately place reinforcing elements to your trusses. Hurricane straps are metal strips that are used to strap down your roof during a hurricane.

Perhaps you need a new roof entirely? This is a worthy project to undergo when considering the potential damage and risk you put you and your loved ones at with a weak roof. For efficient and safe re-roofing and maintenance, it is best to hire a professional who is trained to keep your family safe this hurricane season by making sure you roof is in ship shape. Contact ABC Roofing today for all your hurricane roof services.

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