How Much Does Color Matter On Your Tile Roof?

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Selecting the right color for your tile roof is as important as using high quality, durable materials. Your roofing tiles will need to complement your brick finishes, stone walls and siding. A high-quality job will last up to 20 years so your decision will be present for a while before it needs any changes. Tiles range from black to white and every color you can think of in between. There are options such as blues, greens, browns and reds, however there are a few elements to consider when choosing the right color tile for your roof.

Heat Exposure

When it comes to South Florida roofing, you need to consider the hot climate and what effect that will have on your roof. Dark colors absorb more heat because the color black absorbs energy which is converted into heat. Light tiles, such as white, reflects the light and therefore absorbs less heat. The heat absorbed by dark tiles will make your home warmer. Excessive heat can also cause your tiles to age and crack before their time because the heat holds for some time after sun rays have impacted your roof. The overall heating of your house will result in high energy bills during summer due to excessive use of your air conditioner.

Resale Value

If you plan on selling your home within the years ahead, before a roof overhaul is required, keep the resale value of your home in mind. If you choose bright, bold or creative tiles, future buyers might not necessarily share the same taste. This might make your home difficult to sell and require you to compromise on the selling price so that the roof can be redone.


Your city or neighborhood association may have rules when it comes to designing the exterior of your home. Your choice in color should take this in to account. A homeowner’s association will also have their guidelines that you must adhere to so make sure your review these restrictions before you go ahead with your renovations. If you do not have these regulatory bodies, make sure that your choice doesn’t clash with your neighbor’s roofs.

Stylistic Considerations

Consider your home’s exterior, color and style. You’ll want to avoid tiles that are the same as your homes wall color; your home can end up looking bland and washed out. Selecting tiles that are complementary to each other will give your home a stylish kick – they should be chosen based on the current color of your home, merely as inspiration.

You can still achieve simplicity with complementary colors. Brick or stone homes will give you more freedom with color. Dark gray works well with a gray or blue house while brown and mixed cream tiles work well with brown, tan or cream-colored walls. Dark gray/black tiles on your white house will give you a traditional look. Let your homes surroundings guide the choices you make. Wood can be painted while brickwork and stone cannot.

Be careful when mixing patterns as this can create a busy look that detracts from the rest of your home.

Your roof is visible from the curb as well as from your own back garden. The elements of your roof will affect the outdoor effect such as decorating. You’ll want your roof, which is the highest point of your house to blend effortlessly into its surroundings. The color of your roof surprisingly creates a feeling or an effect on the house. Calming, soothing colors will create that exact feel while bold and dramatic colors will create more of an excited, energetic feeling. The tropical light of Florida allows for brighter colors but be careful not to get too eccentric.

With all of this consider and the many options available to you, enlist the help of a residential roofing company. Depending how long they have been in the business for, chances are they have some valuable input. An experienced contractor will give you peace of mind for the long-term and leave you feeling satisfied with your choice.

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