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Your roof is made of many different components, all of which help maintain its integrity. One of the most important parts is the underlayment, which helps to stabilize your roof. Having quality roof underlayment protection is the biggest factor in ensuring a long life for your home’s roof: at least a few decades, if not more.

While most people think their roof is made up of just tile, metal or shingles, that’s not true. The coverings help keep moisture away and most critically, protect the underlayment. A complete roofing system includes a variety of materials for longevity… proper ventilation, a sturdy underlayment and quality attic insulation.

Why Is Roof Underlayment Protection Important?

Underlayment is a roof accessory that is applied to the roof deck before any coverings are installed. It adds protection to help keep water and moisture from your home. Any moisture that gets past shingles, etc. will come directly in contact with your underlayment, which keeps the roof deck dry and safe.

The hot and humid climate of South Florida can be hard on roofing materials. A damp roof can lead to grime, dirt, roof deck deterioration and even mold (which can cause respiratory issues if it’s breathed in for a long period of time.)

Benefits Of Using Roof Underlayment Protection

Underlayment products give your roof the best opportunity to prevent moisture and warping or rotting of the roof deck. This will help your roofing system’s longevity. Choosing a professional, state-certified roofing business ensures that you have experienced, licensed, and insured technicians working on your roof. This ensures the best quality workmanship possible.

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