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When it comes to choosing a career path, there are many options available to you. Getting a job is obviously important, it’s far more important to choose a career that you will not only enjoy but one that you will be good at. If you are considering becoming a roofer in South Florida, then this article is for you.

As one of South Florida’s leading roofing companies, we are naturally biased to a career in roofing. You may think, “well obviously, as you are a roofing company”, but there really is so much more to it.

Let’s cover a few of the benefits of becoming a roofer and the steps you need to take to do so.

Benefits Of Becoming A Roofer

There are several benefits to becoming a roofer:

  • You get a lot of fresh air. While this may be an obvious one, think about this compared to being stuck in a stuffy office.
  • As a roofing contractor, you’ll enjoy job security. With so many buildings, especially in South Florida, that need roof maintenance, repair, and replacement, you’ll be able to enjoy the job security that comes with that.
  • You will learn a unique skillset.
  • You’ll see the results of your labor. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to look up and see what you’ve achieved. At the end of a project, you’ll be able to walk away knowing that you have created something that is built to last.
  • Being part of a professional team means you’ll enjoy your job and work environment.

So, you’ve heard of all the great benefits of being a roofer and now you want in. So, let’s talk through a few steps of what you need to do to become a roofer.

Steps On How To Become A Roofer In South Florida

Much of what there is to learn about becoming a roofer is done on the actual job however there are a few steps you need to take first before you apply for jobs – here are 4 things you need to do.

You Should First Earn A High School Diploma Or Equivalent

A high school diploma is the minimum education requirement to become a roofer for most employers. Even if they don’t, there is a much better chance of you securing the position than others who may be applying that don’t have such a diploma. The fundamental skills that are learned in schools, such as reading, math, and even the discipline to pass, are attractive to a lot of companies that are recruiting.

There Is A Lot Of Benefit To Attending A Trade School

Attending a trade school is not always necessary, but it can be a great way to get ahead in your career as a roofer. Roofing learning/training institutions will offer you an opportunity to specialize in this field and can teach you about the specific techniques needed for roofing repair, installation, and more. As with a high school diploma, employers will see this as great added value in terms of what you would bring to the team.

Consider Roofing Internships

Internships are a great way to get your foot in the door when it comes to roofing. They offer you the opportunity to learn the ropes from someone who is already working in the field and can give you a good indication of whether or not this is a career you would enjoy. You’ll be able to absorb a lot of learnings from an experienced roofer, who will be able to impart a lot of practical wisdom.

Make Sure You Are Licensed

Each state may vary in terms of what is required to have a license as a roofer, so make sure you take a look at what is required in your state. You’ll then need to make sure you follow the process to get licensed. As with the points we’ve listed above, this will make you far more likely to get employed.

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