How To Know When Your Porch Or Covered Patio Needs A New Roof

Roof Replacement

How to know when your porch or covered patio needs a new roof.

Property owners in South Florida should have a roof for their residential or commercial property that is durable, functional, and weather-resistant. A quality roof can withstand the region’s rainy season and hot summers and last for years to come. We’ll discuss maintenance and tips and when it’s time to replace the roof above porches and covered patio areas with a new roof.

As a licensed and insured roofer, ABC Roofing Corp specializes in roofing projects for South Florida residents. We serve residential and commercial property owners in Broward and Palm Beach counties, from Boca Raton to Hollywood.

Roof Types

Styles of roof vary in South Florida from the flat top roof to clay, slate, and metal sheeting. These materials are best for a subtropical climate since they are weather and fire resistant. A durable, quality flat roof can last 20 years or more with regular inspection and maintenance.

Flat top roofs are a popular option in South Florida particularly for commercial buildings. Flat top materials include PVC, asphalt, EPDM or modified bitumen that are then coated with special compounds to prevent water intrusion and extend the lifespan of the roof.

Clay and slate are good options for residential roofs since both absorb heat and are resistant to humidity and moisture. Although durable to the regional climate, over time clay and slate tiles may need to be repaired or replaced. This falls under re-roofing, which is a different process than a roof replacement project. Re-roofing pertains to single damaged tiles or sections of metal sheeting. Roof replacement is a more detailed process that involves removing all material (underlayment, flashing, and ridge caps) down to the deck.

Pro Tip: ABC Roofing understands the importance of being covered, year-round. Re-roofing and new roof installations should both be done by a licensed professional. This guarantees a job well done.

The Porch & Covered Patio

Part of the region’s architectural charm is the covered patio. These are designed and constructed in different styles. Everything from terraces, verandas, decks and pagodas. The covered patio is popular both in commercial and residential building design. Part of the region’s charm is how residents use outdoor space.

A covered patio is an existing roof extension. It’s connected from the main house by joists. Or, it’s added during a remodel. If you’re thinking of replacing a covered roof or expanding your outdoor space, we can accommodate any roofing project to scale.

Telltale Signs

One of the most common (and easiest) repairs is a roof leak. These can occur over time due to the region’s warm climate and seasonal downpours. Below are several key signs that it may be time to replace your porch or covered patio roof:

  • Several sections of tile are curling, damaged, worn or cracked.
  • Flat top roof sections are uneven, warped, or the sealing compound has broken down.
  • Adjacent interior walls show signs of water intrusion or discoloration.
  • Replace a roof that has extensive damage after a major storm.

Strategies & Options

You can do an initial visual roof inspection on your own. Look for sections that are damaged, loose, or missing. For a more comprehensive inspection and maintenance, contact ABC Roofing Corp.

Pro Tip! The best time to schedule an inspection or repair is prior to the annual rainy season, May – October. This will save you time and money in the long term. Additionally, your patio or covered porch will remain in the best shape. Existing worn, or damaged roofing is often exacerbated by hurricanes and heavy rains.

If you plan on remodeling, expanding a porch or covered patio area, we work in tandem with your contractor. ABC Roofing Corp uses the highest quality materials in the trade and we pride ourselves on a precise and skilled installation for any project.

Got Damage? Call ABC Roofing To Get A New Roof

We’re also in the damage response service as well. Even the most well-prepared property owner could have a roofing emergency, particularly after a rough storm. We’re here to help and can have a roofer dispatched to assess the damage and offer the most cost effective and quality repair or replacement solution. Call us today at 954-344-4622. You can also follow ABC Roofing on Facebook for the latest roofing updates and information!

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