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The average yearly rainfall in Florida can reach as high as 73.4 inches. Excess water can cause extensive damage to your roof if it isn’t prepared for harsh weather. Are you ready to protect your home in 6 easy steps? We’ve compiled a simple but comprehensive guide to roof waterproofing to keep you safe and dry.

1. Get Rid Of Dead Leaves and Branches

If you have a collection of dead branches or leaves on your roof, they can join to create a dam. This causes rain to collect on your roof instead of running into your gutters like it’s supposed to.  Remove any buildup of dead branches or leaves to protect your roof from water buildup and the extra weight it causes.

2. Prune Nearby Trees

Harsh winds cause branches to hit your roof repeatedly or break off and fall onto your roof. To keep your roof safe from potentially leak-causing damage, be sure to trim back branches that hang above or near your home.

3. Replace Missing Or Damaged Shingles

Even one missing or broken shingle can be the beginning of a large problem, damaged shingles also let moisture into your home, which encourages mold growth.  Check that none of your shingles are missing or broken at least twice a year and after every storm. Stay on top of your routine roof inspections by hiring a professional, a professional roofer will examine your roof and identify any problems.

4. Prioritize Attic Insulation

Interior temperature fluctuations can damage and warp your roof. To prevent this, it’s important to insulate your attic properly.  Attic insulation also prevents trapped moisture or condensation from damaging your attic and harming the integrity of your roof’s support structure.

5. Add An Extra Waterproof Layer

To add an extra waterproofing layer on low-sloped roofs, roofers can add a roof coating system to the outside of your roof. These extend the lifespan of your roof and provide a weathertight seal that can last for years.

6. Consider Roof Replacement

Properly installed roofs have a roof underlayment layer that provides essential waterproofing properties to protect your home. Some builders skip this step to save on costs, jeopardizing the integrity of your roof. If this is the case, you need to remove your current roof and install a new one with the necessary elements and layers.

Other times, your roof is well-built, but it’s getting old. Even the best roofs have a limited lifespan. If your roof is old and showing signs of leaking, it may be time for a replacement.

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