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With the 2017 rainy season in South Florida being declared the second wettest one on record according to The South Florida Water Management District, it’s becoming more and more imperative for South Floridians to understand the importance of roof leak detection. While many of us may be comforted by the coming dry season (which is expected to be even drier than usual thanks to the La Nina phenomenon), now is actually the perfect time to fix any roof leaks you may have.

Roof leak detection is integral to household safety and the longevity and security of your belongings. Roof leaks can not only damage costly items in your home (such as expensive rugs and electronics), but it can also be harmful to your health by letting cold and damp air in. South Florida’s humid climate also creates the perfect environment for mold to develop in your home as a result of roof leaks.

If you have a wooden home, leaking roofs can also cause structural damage by causing the wood to rot and ruining any insulation you have installed in your home (who doesn’t if they live in Florida?). To make matters worse, if you resolve to get your roof leak fixed too late, the damage may already have been done which could result in a costly repair or replacement bill being placed at your door. Not to fear, ABC Roofing Corp’s team of professionals know all the tips and tricks of the trade to ensure you are prepared and left dry throughout the year.

Obvious Signs Your Roof Is Leaking

  • Water pooling on the floor or running down the walls
    This is undoubtedly the most obvious sign that your roof is leaking. Look for water on the floor or on the walls in every part of your home to figure out if there’s a leak.
  • Damp spots visible in the ceiling
    This is another fairly obvious example of a roof leak. Tilt your eyes up and search your ceiling for any parts of the ceiling which are a darker colour than the ceiling is, giving you a good indication of a leaking roof.
  • Mold, water stains and dark marks in the attic
    Just because there’s no water pooling or damp spots in the ceiling, doesn’t mean that your roof doesn’t have a leak. To be sure, head up into your attic and look for mold, water stains, or dark marks. Even if the roof leak hasn’t entered your most livable spaces, that doesn’t mean it can’t still cause you harm or cost you money at the end of the day.

How To Pinpoint Where The Roof Leak Is

  • Head up onto your roof with a garden hose
    Switch on the water and get ready to douse every part of your roof in water. Make sure you have your partner or a friend inside the house, below the area where you are spraying. Move slowly across every part of your roof and get your partner to keep an eye out for where the water comes out. It may take a while, but it should give you a pretty concrete idea about what area the leak may be in.
  • Lift parts of your roof off and look for evidence of mold or cracks
    Just like you would have done in your attic, head up onto the roof and lift off a roof slat to find evidence of mold or cracks. This will lead you closer to finding the source of the leak.

You’ve found the leak, now what? If there is a crack or a hole, try sealing the area with a sealing liquid such as caulk or tar. This could provide a temporary solution to your leaking roof. Your next step is to call in the experts to ensure your home stays leak, mold, and water free. ABC Roofing Corp is a trusted South Florida business with a team of roofing experts with years of experience between them. Get in touch today to ensure early roof leak detection.

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