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Unless you consider strategically placed buckets a key design element of your home, you want to make sure that your roof is waterproofed correctly.

Waterproofing your roof is probably the most important step in the roof installation process because it protects the materials your home was built with, as well as all the things you keep inside. Avoiding a leak collecting in your ceiling is a matter of prevention. Learning about what it takes to waterproof a roof is important so that you can see if your roof needs maintenance, or if a leak was repaired properly.

What Is Roof Waterproofing?

Roof waterproofing is the layer of extra protection added to your roof that guarantees no water gets inside your home or starts causing the walls or support beams to rot. There are many causes of roof leaks, with inadequate roof waterproofing at the top of that list.

Why Do You Need Roof Waterproofing?

When you live in South Florida, rainstorms are part of the routine. Frequent storms will become a huge problem if your home has a roof that hasn’t been properly waterproofed for several reasons.

  • Damage To The Roof Structure

    Damage to your roof can be very dangerous if left for too long. Continuous dampness, as well as mold formation, could break down support beams over time, which could cause your roof to collapse in that area.

  • Water Stains On Walls And Ceilings

    While not hazardous, these stains are unsightly and very difficult to remove.

  • Moldy And Mossy Exterior Walls

    Moss and mold have the potential to add a “cottage in the woods” feel to your home and nothing says neglect quite like the appearance of these in homes that aren’t surrounded by miles of forest.

Materials Used For Roof Waterproofing

Many people assume that the shingles and tiles of their roofs are all it takes to keep their ceilings from dripping at the first sign of rain when actually these are only the first line of defense against any severe weather.

Depending on what materials were used to construct the various roof components, and how old the roof is, the tiles may crack or fall off, and the shingles may curl, erode, rot, or blow off. This leaves you with an obvious problem, which is why the underlying materials are so important. These include:

  • Base Sheet

    A roofing base sheet is the bottom of the waterproofing layers and is usually made of fiberglass, reinforced polyester, or composite reinforcement. Base sheets are the first layer over the decking board and seal the rafters and the roof foundation.

  • Underlayment

    The underlayment is a water-resistant material that acts as an extra layer of protection from harsh weather. Roofing underlayment comes in several forms, which differ for sloping and flat roofs.

    • Sloping roofs underlayment can be made from 90 pound felt, a tile cap sheet, or modified bitumen (this is installed using hot asphalt, it is a self-adhered underlayment).

    • Flat roofs make use of different fiberglass ply sheets that are mechanically attached and modified bitumen cap sheet which can be  hot-mopped, self-adhered or torch applied depending on the system used.
  • Flashing

    Roof flashing is the metal or modified sheets found around vents, skylights, chimneys, and valleys, and at joints on vertical walls. Flashing diverts water from areas where it might accumulate, such as valleys, returns, and hips.

    Flashing is generally made from various types of metal, including galvanized, aluminum, copper, or stainless steel.

  • Gutters

    Similar to roof flashing, gutters divert water that is collecting on the roof to an area further from your home. Gutters require regular upkeep and maintenance to prevent them from becoming clogged or sagging.

    If not positioned correctly when installed, gutters can actually cause roof rot by making water flow back onto the roof instead of removing it.

Your roof is there to protect your home from the elements, so it is important that the waterproofing is done correctly. Contact ABC Roofing today at (954) 344-4622 to ask about roof maintenance plans, waterproofing, roof repairs, roof replacement, and more.

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