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Many people across the country are becoming passionate about decreasing the size of their carbon footprints in an effort to combat the effects of climate chance. Perhaps you’re one of them – maybe you’ve changed your diet, so you consume less meat, or walk or ride your bike more instead of driving. But have you considered green roofing for your home?

An increasing number of landlords and homeowners are utilizing green roofing as a way to benefit both humans and wildlife. In anticipation of World Green Roof Day, learn more about the environmental and aesthetic benefits of having a “green” roof. Your carbon footprint and your wallet will thank you.

What Are Green Roofs?

A green roof is one that is living: it serves as protection over your home as well as a dwelling place for trees, shrubs, and other plants and vegetation. These roofs not only help the environment but are colorful and gorgeous to look at from below. Because climate change is a fact about our reality, our lifestyle changes can help make a difference. A green roof is a big part of that solution.

A Brief History Of Green Roofs

Long before the damaging effects of climate change were revealed as a world-wide crisis, green roofs were popular in Germany in the 1970s. They became popular in other parts of urban Europe before making their way to the United States. Currently, London is leading the way in green roofing spaces, making up 42% of the market.

Not all green roofing is the same. Green roofs come in different designs, from biodiverse to intensive and extensive. You will find green roofs that are commercial and domestic, in flat and pitched designs. There is a variety of designs to choose from, all of which have the ability to collect rainwater, improve the quality of the air, provide food, and increase the value of the building.

Additional Benefits Of Green Roofing

Urban areas aren’t exactly known for their gardens and fresh greenery. But green roofs allow them to both enjoy the benefits of nature while improving the look of the neighborhood. Other sustainable benefits include

Monitor Rainwater

What better way to ensure that your water is fresh than collecting it right from the sky? A green roof garden allows you to collect and retain water from storms and manage it however you like. The hard slabs and concrete of ordinary roofs increase the risk of flooding. But green roofs reduce the heaviness from runoff and retain the water in a safe way. Your green roof could reduce up to 65% of storm water!

Protect Your Home From Ultraviolet Radiation

Your building can be better protected from changes in temperature, especially in hot seasons. This feature helps your roof last two to three times longer than your average roof.

Enjoy Your Own Oasis

There’s a lot of hustle and bustle in the city. A green roof is sustainable for the environment, but also for your soul. After a long day, you can relax in a peaceful space that is free from busy storefronts, never-ending traffic, and industrial smells and sounds.

Green Roofing In South Florida

At ABC Roofing, we are one of South Florida’s leading companies in roofing services. We also care just as much about the environment as you do, which is why we use sustainable materials that will keep your roof strong for years to come. We’ve got you covered – literally – for all your roofing needs. From residential roof repairs to commercial roof repairs, unexpected leaks, tile replacements, and regular maintenance, we do it all. In addition to offering quality service, our professional staff is always up to date on building codes and state regulations.

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