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Roofing shingle styles are now in abundance since their inception in 1890s America. They were made as an organic and cost effective solution to roofing steep sloped houses, and have changed in so many ways over the past century to adapt to any weather condition.

History Of Shingle Roofing

Shingles became very popular in America due to their availability and cost effectiveness. The small tiles worked excellently on steep sloped roofs for water run-off and protection against storms. During the 1920s, the organic materials needed to make shingles rose in price, even more so after World War II when availability became an issue. This led to sourcing of cheaper materials which were found to work just as well, with the added benefit of being lighter and saving money. The mixture gradually changed to include other minerals that improved different properties such as durability, UV protection, and weight.

One of the only problems shingles faced was wind resistance. Since their popularization and widespread usage, builders realized that single tiles would fly off, reducing the integrity of the roof system. This began the intensive and thorough experimenting process that led to decades of research and trial in the field to improve adhesion quality of shingles, making them the ultimate form of roofing in America.

Adhesion quality increased over time so that shingle roofing became a popular form of protection in particularly windy environments, and at a reasonable price. Different areas required stronger adhesion, or more durability, and this led to the versatile nature of their production through over a hundred years of continual testing.

Roofing Shingle Styles

  • Organic

    Made out of wood pulp and fibres, paper waste and cellulose, and soaked with asphalt for waterproofing. They have an asphalt and ceramic topcoat that makes them waterproof and last longer under the sun’s rays, with the addition of adding pigment to the mixture. Organic shingles are less fireproof than non-organic types due to their wood-base.

  • Fibreglass

    Reinforced with fibreglass mats, coated in asphalt and bonded with resin. They are coated with minerals to make them waterproof. They are more fireproof that organic shingles, but resin tends to be more brittle in colder regions.

  • Architectural

    These are asphalt shingles made to be thick and strong for durability in any type of weather. As well as being weather resistant and fireproof, they also leak much less than other shingle types. They have a wider range of colour and dimensionality, and have a large variety of shapes and sizes due to their popularity – having the highest rated warranty period.

  • 3 Tab

    These asphalt shingles are a lighter and thinner version of the Architectural shingle. Less material and cost is used to install them, making them popular for rental housing and temporary residences. Their warranty is less than the Architectural, but are worth using for small roofing jobs.

Shingles For Florida

The extreme weather Florida experiences has had a remarkable impact on the testing of shingle roofing styles. Having to withstand hot, humid climates, followed by overwhelming amounts of wind, shingles were constantly improved throughout the past century to make them a safe and reliable option for Americans, especially in areas like Florida.

In a place where the sun always shines roof tiles can degrade quickly. Asphalt shingles have many minerals mixed into them to add colour, which was discovered to also reduce UV damage to the shingles. Some minerals add solar reflection to decrease heat entering the house, and reduce air-conditioning costs.

Some modifications are simply about aesthetics. While it doesn’t damage the roof, algae tends to make a home look like it is aging. Adding copper or zinc lining to the tiles to prevents algae growth in the humid air.

Another great advancement in testing is the availability of varying strengths to aid against wind and impact. Having a strong lattice of shingles will provide the ultimate protection for a home. This becomes especially important in hurricane areas like Florida.

At ABC Roofing we are masters at understanding what a roof needs. We use GAF 3 Tab Sovereign and the GAF Timberline shingles which offer an endlessly wide range of styles, colours, and additional preferences. Contact us for a quote, or advice for your roof, and we will be able to work out the best plan for you.

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