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Your roof is the protector of your home – providing you with dryness and protection against the elements! It is so important to have your roof installation and repairs done properly by professionals who can give you peace of mind that your roof is in good hands. Living in South Florida means that in June through November your house will have to withstand hurricane season.

Maintaining your roof, or having it reinstalled and repaired is something that must be done in order to ensure you are fully covered from strong winds. There are new popular methods of roof installation that are effective and economical – notably roof underlayment systems. Learn more about roof installation, underlayment the Tag & Stick 1 Step – Two Ply method as well as the benefits it will offer you!

What Is Roof Underlayment and Why Is It Needed in Roof Installation?

Even though it is not visible to you, the underlayment is a key part of your roof. When having a roof installed, one of the processes is the underlayment system. This is what keeps water damage to your home at bay. The roof underlayment is material that is spread over the roof’s plywood deck before the shingles or tiles are laid. This material adds a layer of protection to keep water (such as rain or even moisture) from permeating into the wooden structure, which would otherwise lead to mold and rot, and eventually leaks! Not only does it protect your roof from water, the roof underlayment also protects the wood from the sun – in hot climates like South Florida, the sun can heat the shingles and cause the chemicals to practically melt into the wood.

Learning More About The Tag & Stick 1 Step – 2 Ply System

This is a method of roof underlayment that is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. The reason for its increase in popularity is largely due to it not requiring several installation methods such as back nailing, hot mopping or hot tar, and can be performed in just one step. This system uses self-adherence technology and is attached mechanically to your roof. The great advantage with this system is that the underlayment can be easily removed during re-roofing without damaging the sheathing. Here are a few ways in which the Tag & Stick 1 Step – 2 Ply system improves on traditional roof installment methods:

  • Back Nailing

    A method of securing the back or upper side of a ply of roofing felt (or other material) so that the fasteners are covered by the next layer of ply.

  • Hot Mopping

    The process of melting asphalt blocks in a cauldron which is then poured onto the roof and mopped evenly into place by a roof installment team. It is a messy process and can even be dangerous due to the high temperatures installers are exposed to! Having installers work with hot tar means that there is more labor involved and insurance costs for homeowners. This process has to be repeated several times.

  • Removing Underlayment

    In many cases during re-roofing, removing the underlayment damages the sheathing of your roof, which adds to your bill at the end of the day. With This Tag & Stick system, because the material is self-adhesive it can be removed without inflicting any damage on your roof.

  • Saving You Time and Money

    As the name suggests, this roof underlayment system can be done in just one step! This means that professionals will not need to be called in several times to complete the job. Although the Tag & Stick product may cost more per roll, buying it for your roof will save you money in the long run!

Who To Call For Your Roofing Needs?

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