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Tile Roof Options

So, you’re planning your new home and its down to deciding what type of roof you want, or you are in the process of replacing the current roof on your home. You have decided that tiles are the best option for you for a number of reasons (they have a long life span, they provide a long-lasting protection to your homes structure, and they look good). The only decision you need to make now is which type of tile is the better option for you. Do you go for the Entegra? Perhaps the Altusa clay? Well, let ABC Roofing Corp give you a quick guide to the tile roof options that we use.

Entegra Tiles

Entegra Tiles are a concrete roof tile manufacturer that is based in South Florida that has been providing roof tiles for the last 25 years.

  • Pros
    • The Entegra tile range offers 5 tile designs – the Estate “S”, Bella High “S”, Galena Spanish “S”, the Plantation Flat and the Bermuda Flat. This allows you to have many different options of styles that you can choose to best suit the look and feel that you would like to achieve.
    • The Entegra tile range offers a variety of colors – with more than 27 colors to choose from, there is no shortage of choices. The color of roof tile you choose is an important for a variety of reasons (resale value, heat exposure, etc.)
    • All Entegra tiles incorporate “green” technology. They recycle materials to reduce dumping of waste products from the production of their tiles.
    • Entegra tiles are certified solar reflective tiles. Different colors carry different solar reflectance indices (SRI). This is the property of a tile to reflect solar heat, a quality that is particularly useful during the hot South Florida climate.
  • Cons
    • Concrete roofing tiles have a higher water absorption than clay tiles. Concrete tiles absorb about 13% more water, which can cause mildew and stains.

Altusa Clay Tiles

Altusa Clay Tiles is a popular distributer of grade 1 clay tiles which is an affordable option and they have a wide color range.

  • Pros
    • Clay tiles almost never gather mold or mildew, reducing the amount of maintenance that needs to be done to them.
    • Since clay tile colors are typically, because of the naturally occurring look of the clay, the color of clay tiles usually does not fade over time and provides a longevity in the aesthetic appearance of your roof.
    • Clay tiles are more durable than concrete, lasting past 50 years.
    • Altusa has a good variety and selection of tiles and colors to choose from.
  • Cons
    • Ceramic and clay tiles are much more expensive than concrete tiles due to their light weight, decreased water absorption and weather withstanding properties, and as such, might not be the best option of those working on a tight budget.
    • In colder climates, clay tiles have the propensity to crack or shatter (not a concern for South Florida but for homes in the north).

For more information on the different roof tiling options that we provide at ABC Roofing Corp, feel free to contact us on our website or call us at (954) 344-4622!

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