Residential Roof Replacement

residential roof replacement

A new roof is one of the best investments that you can make to your home. A quality roof replacement will keep you and your family protected and safe for decades to come. Not only is it a solid long-term investment, it will also add an aesthetic look to your property. At ABC Roofing Corp., we offer you a wide range of roof replacement options. Let’s take a look at all that goes into residential roof replacement to help you make the best roof replacement decision.

Residential Roof Replacement 101

When we think of roof replacement, it’s easy to think of re-roofing, but these are two different things. Re-roofing involves removing and replacing your roof tiles, shingles, slate, or metal sheeting. Roof replacement is far more comprehensive than this, and involves tearing off all your roof materials, right down to the deck. From there, an entirely new roof is installed.

A residential roof replacement gives you a new roof from the down up, and therefore eliminates any underlying issues that might be present. At ABC Roofing Corp. you gain an entirely new roof with a backed-up warranty.

What’s Involved in Roof Replacement?

An entirely new roof involves some special processes. This includes stripping and removal of your entire roof covering, including the underlayment, flashing, and ridge caps. Once the old roof has been cleared away, it’s time to install the new roof components. New flashing will be installed, which prevents water seepage by sealing water out. The flashing includes the drip edge, as well as roof valley, vents, and chimney areas. Once the flashing is down, then the underlayment is installed.

Roof underlayment protects your roof from water damage. With heavy seasonal Florida rains, ABC Roofing Corp. uses only the best underlayment systems. After this, the new roof covering is installed. The roof installers will make use of specialized processes based on the roof material that’s used.

How Do I Know If I need A Roof Replacement?

These are some common warning signs and things to consider that may indicate it’s time to replace your roof:

How Old Is Your Roof?

If your roof is older than 15 years and it’s starting to look worn on the top, it may be time to replace it. Tile and metal roofs generally last longer than asphalt roof shingles. Don’t just assume that your roof will last forever. It’s best to get it checked out if it’s been unattended for a while.

Visible Damage To Your Roof

It’s a good idea to do a visual inspection of your roof from time to time. If you notice that some shingles are curling up, or some tiles are missing, then it’s time to call in a roofer. Damaged shingles are a tell-tale sign of roof damage.

Discolored Ceilings And Walls

If you’ve noticed water stains on your ceiling or wall, this could be because of a roof leak. If your attic insulation is soggy, then you’ve got a problem. Make sure you don’t leave this too long, as it will end up costing you extra in interior water damage repairs.

Roof Replacements Aren’t DIY Projects

A residential roof replacement is a big undertaking that requires a specialized skill set. You should only rely on an experienced and reputable roofing contractor to perform your roof replacement. A professional roofer will be able to advise you on the best roof covering for your home. When it comes to roofing materials, they will also be able to work out the correct quantities and prevent any under or over-ordering.

When it comes to flashing and underlayment, we at ABC Roofing Corp. have an experienced team that knows how to install these components with precision. Furthermore, our products and workmanship come with a back-up up warranty for your peace of mind. Taking a roof installation into your own hands may put you at risk of a massive overspend, no warranty, possible leaks, as well as personal injury.

The Residential Roof Replacement Professionals

At ABC Roofing Corp. we are a family-owned and state-certified roofing company. Backed up by several roofing awards, we take pride in our work. ABC Roofing Corp. can offer you a full residential roof replacement solution for your home. We will walk you through the entire process, ensuring that you get the best roof for your needs and budget.

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