Roof Maintenance Tips: What To Avoid To Keep Your Roof Healthy

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A home is not home without a roof over your head. Roof maintenance is extremely important when it comes to your roof’s life-span. Like a domino effect, your roof can negatively affect your whole house if not looked after properly! If you want to avoid unnecessary costs in the long run, you need to know to keep your roof in mint condition. Check out our list below of what to avoid when it comes to maintaining your roof.

Roof Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Roof Healthy

    1. Don’t ignore the leaves piling up. This interferes with the roof drainage system, and so having damp, wet leaves can damage your roof over time and eventually cause leakage problems if left unattended.
    1. Don’t mount anything onto your roof if it requires bolting something into your roof. This goes for satellite dishes, basketball hoops, Christmas lights and even solar panels. A hidden bracket system would be best, and most roofing contractors have different mounting systems available, so always check what is available before you decide to do it yourself.
    1. Make sure you protect your roof against algae and moss growth. A green or brown roof is almost bound to happen during winter. This is because the winter sun isn’t out for very long, and therefore cannot dry off your roof properly. Make sure you get a licensed roofing contractor to clean and prep your roof before the wet and rainy season ahead.
    1. Don’t ignore loose tiles. Wind is often the most common cause for roof damage, as tiles or shingles can blow off if they are not properly secured. Make sure you check your roof often and replace or fix any broken or loose tiles to avoid potential damage.
    1. Check the trees. Trees cannot stand forever, and often fall during storms, causing severe damage to the area surrounding them – including your roof! Make sure a tree is 32ft away from your roof when planting your trees in future. If your trees are too close, you can frequently trim back the branches, as heavy branches can eventually break and fall.
  1. Get rid of pests! Rats can chew almost anything, and once they find a way into your roof you will be stuck with a furry friend… and all their cousins. Instead of waiting till infestation occurs, prevent pests from entering your roof at all. This can be done by keeping tree branches trimmed back and fixing any potentional holes ASAP to avoid potential doorways for pests. General maintenance can prevent the problem, as the older your roof becomes, the easier it is to chew.

Above all, the golden rule to keeping your roof healthy is regular upkeep. Don’t be shy to ask a professional, especially if you encounter a problem that you are unsure of. If you attempt to do anything yourself without the proper knowledge, equipment and training, you may only worsen the problem. At ABC Roofing corp., we know all about roof maintenance, from leak repair and tile replacement to long-term maintenance and warranty plans. We know how important your home is to you, and our trusty contractors will do the job – and do it properly! Want to see what we have on offer? Give one of our roofing contractors a call!

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