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Roof Wind Mitigation

Wind mitigation is simply various techniques that are implemented in homes to protect against strong winds and the damages that come with them.

Homeowners in the state of Florida are encouraged to implement these techniques because of the state’s closeness to tropic regions and its susceptibility to tropical storms and hurricanes. Major storms and hurricanes usually start over warm waters, but it is on land where they cause the most damage and present the most danger.

It’s a good idea to prevent these damages rather than having to deal with the repercussions, that can range from property damage to even death.

Here’s The 4-1-1

As of 2002, Florida’s new building code was implemented, where homes built from the year 2002 and after were built under stricter requirements to withstand hurricanes.

Most insurance companies offer discounts on their home insurance plans if your home is built under the new building codes or if your home meets the mitigation requirements assessed using Florida’s Uniform Wind Mitigation Inspection Form. This inspection form was created by the state of Florida. It’s used to measure your home’s ability to combat hurricanes.

If you are unsure about the state of your home, it’s a good idea to hire a qualified wind mitigation inspector, who will make use of the uniform mitigation form to complete the inspection of your home and assess whether your home meets requirements.

The wind mitigation components that are assessed include:

  • The year your house was built
  • The year in which your roof was installed
  • If you have the efficient roof-to-deck and roof-to-wall attachments
  • How roof trusses are attached to the walls of your home
  • The shape of your roof and how it helps to resist strong winds and rains
  • Secondary Water Resistance protection of roof sheathing
  • Door and window wind mitigation measures

What Is Roof Wind Mitigation?

By simply looking at the list of components that are checked, you can see that the roofing of your home is very vital. It only makes sense that you hire quality roofers to install roof infrastructures as well as maintain the structural integrity of your roof to have successful wind mitigation.

Some of the roof wind mitigation techniques include:

  • The installation of strong roof coverings
  • Installation of roof-to-deck attachments
  • Installation of roof-to-wall attachments
  • The bracing of end-walls of Gable roofs

Hiring qualified and professional roofers, like those at ABC Roofing to complete these wind mitigation roof projects as well as roof maintenance is highly encouraged because you can rest assured that these projects will be completed by trained and competent roofers who have experience by the boatload.

Benefits Of Roof Wind Mitigation

The installation of wind mitigation roof infrastructure may seem time-consuming and costly, but in the end, the benefits outweigh the costs. There are costs involved, but it is more cost-effective to pay for this damage prevention technique than having to possibly pay for the complete rebuilding of your home.

Besides the cost-effectiveness of these measures, they also increase the safety and security of you and your family because it reduces the risk of harm that might be caused by hurricanes or cyclones. Some other benefits of wind mitigation include:

  • Paying of lower premiums to property insurers
  • Decreased damage to property and belongings
  • Enhanced sense of security and survival

The importance of wind mitigation cannot be stressed enough, but it is as equally important that the roof infrastructure is completed correctly by quality roofers and contractors for optimal effectiveness.

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