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Skylights are a wonderful addition to any home, as they provide additional light without compromising on privacy. However, anyone who has experienced a leaky skylight will tell you that skylight repair can be far more complicated than your average window repair job, and always requires the assistance of a qualified roofer.

How Do I Know If My Skylight Is Leaking?

The most obvious sign of a leaking skylight is, of course, the presence of water. You will most likely notice leaks during bad weather, when rainwater starts to collect and drip onto the floor or furniture below your skylight. A continuous leak is a serious problem but might not be the only indicator of a damaged skylight. If you start to notice what appears to be condensation on the inside of the glass on your skylight, it is possible that you have a leak. Condensation can naturally occur in stereotypically damp locations, such as bathrooms and sometimes even kitchens. Single-glazed skylights can also experience condensation build-up. If you have never noticed condensation on your skylight before and it suddenly occurs, contact a qualified roofer as soon as possible to investigate the problem.

What Are The Causes of a Leaking Skylight?

Although there are many different causes of a leaking skylight, at ABC Roofing we have found that the following causes are the most common reasons for skylight repair jobs:

  • Damaged Flashing

    The metal that surrounds your skylight and connects it to the rest of your roof is known as flashing. Because flashing is continuously exposed to different types of weather, it is possible for it to start corroding and breaking down over time. When this happens, water can potentially get through the damaged flashing, thus creating a skylight leak. While the leak can temporarily be solved by using roof flashing cement, in the long run the shingles surrounding your skylight will have to be removed so that new flashing can be installed.

  • Roof Cement

    Although roof cement can be used to temporarily fix a skylight leak, if it was used to install the skylight originally roof cement can have its own problems. If the cement starts to crack in the heat, it can let water through when it rains. Tiny pigeon holes can also form in skylights that have been installed using roof cement.

  • Bad Installation

    As with any roofing issues, it is possible that your skylight is leaking because it was improperly installed. If you had your skylight installed in summer, it’s possible that you didn’t even notice until it started to rain.

  • Blocked Weep Holes

    Properly made skylights are created with what is known as weep holes around the perimeter of the glass. These tiny holes allow any water created by condensation to leak out of your home, rather than dripping down onto the floor below. Weep holes are particularly useful in damper areas, such as bathrooms. If the weep holes in your skylight become clogged or blocked, it is very difficult to fix the problem with replacing the glass itself.

How Do I Repair a Leaking Skylight?

The easiest way to repair a leaking skylight is to let a qualified roofer do the repair job for you. While there are many quick-fix options in hardware stores or online, the best option is to hire a roofing specialist from ABC Roofing to come inspect your skylight, diagnose the problem and find a solution that suits your specific needs. Leaking skylights can cause serious damage to property and should not be treated as DIY projects.

If you have noticed any form of leakage anywhere on your roof, particularly near your skylight, it is best to call ABC Roofing as soon as possible. Don’t let a small leak become a waterfall; let us help you.

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