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We all think that we can save a quick buck by doing home repairs ourselves, instead of hiring a professional company to take care of it. This holds true for roof repairs, maintenance and other DIY roof projects that we try to tackle. We think we are saving ourselves the time and effort it takes to hire a roofing contractor; the reality is quite the opposite. Unless you really know what you’re doing, home roofing projects can end up being costly and dangerous. Not to mention, when we do take on these projects, we create more work and stress for our licensed roofer than is necessary.

There are certain things people to do to their roofs which they think are good, but in the long-term, can actually do more damage and end up costing more than was intended. Often, these are things that people think are quite simple, but in fact, they cause more damage to your roof and work for a licensed roofer.

Letting Mold Build Up on Your Tiles or Shingles

Mold, mildew and algae are not only unsightly to look at and bad for your homes curb appeal, they can also cause harm and damage to your roof. They can cause rotting of shingles, causing them to deteriorate and prone to damage. You may think that preventing their growth or build up is impossible, but it isn’t. A good way to prevent their growth is by trimming away trees that touch the roof, keeping gutters clean and by having roof inspections twice a year.

Trying to Pressure Wash Your Roof Yourself

Now, if you do see mold, mildew or dirt building up on your roof, you might have an urge to clean it yourself. How difficult can it be to pressure clean a roof, right? Wrong! Unless you know what you are doing with pressure cleaning and roof cleaning, you are more likely to cause damage. Pressure cleaning your roof can wash away the asphalt on your shingles, leading to premature ageing. Rather let a specialist roof cleaning contractor take care of this for you.

Walking Around on Your Roof

Walking on your roof is not only dangerous for you, as you run the risk of a fall, but it can also damage your roof. You can dislodge or damage shingles or tiles or create gaps that can let water in and cause leaks. Sometimes, walking on the roof is unavoidable to remove debris or perform repairs. In this instance, it is advisable to consider your safety, and rather hire a roofer who is aware of the dangers.

Trying to Patch Roof Leaks Yourself

Leaks are a major threat not only to your roof, but to the rest of your homes structure. Water damage can incur massive repair costs and may even lead to your roof having to be replaced. Attempting to patch a roof leak can cause more damage to an already damaged roof. What may seem like a simple patch up job to you could actually be a larger underlying problem. Therefore, it is important that any roof leaks get assessed by a roofing professional, in order to make sure that the underlying roofing structures are still safe.

DIY Skylight Installation

Skylights are a lovely addition to a home, especially if you live where you see the sun often, like South Florida. You might consider installing a skylight into your roof, and you might think you are capable of doing it yourself. However, this can cause problems for your roofer in the future, as they may have to repair seals, etc that were not done properly during your installation. Rather than attempting to save money by DIY, get a roofer to help with the installation of a skylight from the beginning to ensure the job gets done correctly.

Attaching Things to Your Roof

You might want to attach a satellite dish to your roof to get better signal, or maybe it’s Christmas time and the lights need to go up. Perhaps you want to live a greener life-style and are considering solar panels. All of these are things you probably think you are capable of doing yourself however, you may not be aware of the damage you can do to your roof. Any bolts that are attached to shingles, or holes that are drilled into the roof can cause damage to the roofing material, and also cause potential for leak formation. Make sure to get the necessary installation specialists when thinking of attaching anything to your roof.

If you think you may have damaged your roof, or would like a general roof inspection, contact ABC Roofing Corp for all your roof repairs and maintenance needs!

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