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Clay roof tiles are among some of the oldest kinds of roofing that there is. As a tried and tested roofing solution in the Far and Middle East, its use proliferated through Europe and beyond in the early 16th century. Since clay is moldable, there is no end to its versatility in design and form. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider clay roofing.

Low-Maintenance Option

Nothing can be more frustrating than constant upkeep. It’s one of the reasons people sell their houses. Clay roof tiles do not need a lot of maintenance if any. In some cases, clay roofs can last for over a century. Clay tiles are free of rot since they contain no organic materials. This means that for most homes with clay tiles, the roof will be around a long time after the owners have left. You can clean clay tiles without much effort, and they are robust in their construction.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Two major themes of aesthetics are color and form. Clay tiles do both with the sheer variety of colors and shapes that are available. Many designs use a clay roof such as a Spanish mission-style casa or a terracotta Tuscan villa. The options are up to your imagination. Different shaped tiles can alter the texture of the roof. A mixture of various colors can add real character and appeal.


Weather affects shingles and other wooden roof tiles. Clay roofing stands up to the test. Clay tiles deal with the battering of frost, rain, wind, and even the damaging effect of the sun’s UV rays. Wood shakes or asphalt shingles lose their color, becoming bleached by the sun’s rays. Clay tiles hold their color well over a longer period.

Insurance Savings

For any building, a large proportion of the insurance cost is how much of a fire hazard the roof is. Wooden shingles and thatch roofs carry a hefty insurance premium. Clay tiles are naturally resistant to fire and can save you a lot of money. Clay tiles also hold up very well in areas with strong winds. You don’t need to worry about those pesky termites eating away at your roof either. Clay tiles have none of the drawbacks associated with pests that wooden roofing does. With so many things not to worry about, clay roofing is a safe bet.

Ideal For Florida Weather

Whatever the kind of roofing that you decide on, they’re all going to have to deal well with water. Clay roofing is an ideal fit for the wet and humid conditions prevalent in South Florida. With high humidity, natural expansion and contraction occur. The will tiles soak up moisture and dry out in the sunshine. Asphalt and wooden shingles tend to warp and crack over time. Clay tiles deal with water uptake from both precipitation and humidity. Hurricane season brings high winds which dislodge shingles and other lightweight roof tiles. Clay tiles have more heft to them and increase the total weight of the roof surface.

Good For the Environment

Clay is a fully sustainable material and does not denude the planet of natural resources. Clay roofing also saves a lot of money on energy. In summer the natural thermal mass of the tiles absorbs the heat and keeps radiation inside lower. In winter, the tiles create an “air blanket” and prevent too much heat loss through the roof. Clay tiles emerge as a great green solution for your roof. The house ends up needing less heating and cooling. If you’re concerned about your carbon footprint, clay tiles are a great option for you.

Professional Installation

It’s a great decision to go with clay roofing. Now, you’ll need to make sure that your roof is professionally installed. Whatever questions you may have, let ABC Roofing Corp answer them. If you need more information or are looking for a quote, reach out to us at (954) 344-4622.

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