The Difference Between A Roof Repair And A Patch

Roof Repair

roof repairs

A roof repair broadly means any repair that you will need on your roof, such as fixing leaks, damage, and wear and tear. On the other hand, getting a roof patch is simply replacing a few shingles or fixing up a smaller part of your roof. ABC Roofing has experience with a variety of roof repair job – from tile repair and replacement to regular roof maintenance we have many years’ experience in the roofing industry.

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Different Kinds of Roof Repairs

The 2 main types of roofing jobs are roof replacement or roof repair – here we breakdown them down:

  • Roof Replacement

    When the majority of your roof shows damage, getting your roof replaced is the best option. At about 20 years old you can consider getting your roof replaced, but if its showing damage before this time, go ahead and save yourself money and trouble in the long run and get your roof replaced.

    You can also get a replacement if your roof has water or moisture damage, or after a natural disaster such as a hurricane or strong winds.

  • Roof Repair

    Other roof repairs include re-roofing your roof when almost the entire roof is damaged or old – this is best done to the entire roof or to the majority of the roof. If the majority of your roof is in good condition and you are only experiencing leaks at certain parts, or you are in need of roof tile repair due to tile damage it is not necessary to re-roof. You can simply repair or replace the areas that need attention. If you have a flat membrane roof, this will need re-sealing from time to time, so be sure to look out for spots that needs to be attended to. Roof repairs don’t only mean fixing what is broken – you should be sure to regularly maintain your roof to prevent more expensive repairs in the future.

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Getting a Roof Patched

For small roof repairs you may consider getting a roof patch – roof patches can be more convenient for smaller damage, but it’s important to have a roofing professional examine your roof thoroughly beforehand.

  • Patching Your Roof

    When deciding to patch up a damaged or leaking section of your roof, you will need to know if there are any other underlying damage to the other parts of your roof that are not easy to see. Patching will also affect the remaining sections of the roof around it, so you need to make sure you have the same color shingles and material as your existing roof – bear in mind that depending on the age of the roof, it is not always possible to 100% match the color. In all roofing jobs it is necessary to get a professional company to complete the work. A professional roofer will be able to assess your roof thoroughly to determine if patching up your roof is the best course of action to take.

  • Replacing Shingles

    Often replacing one or several shingles in a shingles roof is all that is needed to repair a leak. If you have experienced damage to your shingle roof or leakage, then have your roof examined to see if replacing the damaged shingles is all you need.

Your decision to get your roof replaced, repaired or patched will depend on the depth and extent of the damage, the aesthetics of your roof, as well as your available funds. A thorough residential roof repair or replacement always saves money and time in the long run over getting your roof patched – however if funds are limited then a roof patch is better than leaving the damage unattended.

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