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Not only do broken shingles look bad, but they can cause future problems as well. Knowing the process of shingle repair can help you understand the necessary steps that need to be taken to properly fix roof shingles.

Evaluate the Damage

If you’re experiencing, for example, a roof leak, this could result in a small cluster of shingles to be replaced or, depending on how old your roof is, you may need a new roof. The first step is evaluating the damage.

Evaluating the damage before counting on repairs is important in knowing what you are dealing with in the first place. Before you take it upon yourself to climb up a ladder and inspect your roof shingles, it’s a must that you contact a professional roofing company to complete this first step in the process of shingle repair for you.

Shingle Repair: An Entire Roof In Contrast To A Section

After the damage has been assessed by a professional, the second step is determining how much will be replaced, i.e., two shingles versus the whole roof. If a mass of shingles is in need of shingle repair, a full roof replacement may be necessary. A large area of damaged shingles could potentially mean that the decking is damaged.

Roof decking is the solid material of the roof beneath the shingles and its adhesives. Typically, roof decking is composed of wood and/or some composite layers. The leading cause of rotting decking is water. It can pool and cause the solid material to deteriorate. As the rot continues, mold and bacteria begin to prosper.

So, what are the signs of rot? If you begin to smell a moldy odor or noticing wet walls and persistent leaks without there being any rain, this may be pointing to rot, but also potentially more significant issues. Other things to look out for are ceiling and wall spots and even sagging roofs.

If you suspect that your roof has a rotting decking, this may be evidence of damaged shingles. When being a homeowner of a house with a shingle roof, it’s important to recognize the type of shingle roof you have and how to properly care for it.

Discard Wrecked Shingles

The third step is discarding wrecked shingles. The process of removing damaged shingles is regarded as a fairly simple process because it involves taking out nails and sliding them out, however, it is important for this step to not be done during hot weather, only moderate weather because the nails will stick to the roof. If this were to occur, shingles that are not damaged could break, resulting in more shingle repair.

Shingles have a total number of eight nails with four running along the center line and the other four residing in the back, resting beneath the shingle positioned above it. To extract the nails placed at the back, the shingle that follows behind it will need to be raised. This requires the careful hands of a professional because of how fragile of a job this step is.

Evaluate Decking

The fourth step is evaluating the decking. After the damaged shingles have been removed, the decking should be the next thing that is inspected for damage. If the decking is wrecked, then all the shingles above that section will need to be eradicated. Once that is accomplished, decking can be replaced.

If the decking is not damaged, it is still a good thing to inspect to make sure that all the nails are stuck in place because if they are not, then the repair that was done will distort weeks later.

A professional will be able to identify and spot damage that is less apparent to the novice eye. This will not only be a time saver for you, but will also be less money out of your pocked in the long run.

Install Fresh Shingles

The fifth step is installing new shingles. Prior to installing brand new shingles, it would be a good idea to add water-proof sheeting. This an important component to your roof during Florida rain and the hurricane season.

During the shingle repair, the shingles will need to be rounded off on their back corners to make sliding them in simpler. Once they are placed where they need to be, the professional uses a specific process to properly secure them.

Clean Up After A Shingle Repair

After all the shingles that needed replacing have been reinstalled. Lastly, is cleaning up any stray and fallen nails. This is important. Stray nails pose a danger for those walking around your yard. They even ruin the tires on your car.

Local Shingle Repair Professionals Near Me

Knowing the necessary steps in the shingle repair process makes you aware of what the repair entails. Additionally, It can lead you to recognize things to look out for that indicates the need for shingle repair.

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