Tile Roof Or Metal Roof: What’s The Difference?

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The variety of roofing material available can make it difficult to choose “the right one”. You may be looking for a certain type of flat roof for your commercial building. Or perhaps you’re looking for a pitched roof for your own home. In order to choose what best suits your needs, you will need to assess the different roofing varieties available to make an informed decision. Below we go over the differences between a concrete tile roof and a metal roof.

Concrete Tile Roof vs. Metal Roof

Two of the most popular roofing materials available are metal roofs and concrete tile roofs, with each having their own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing what is right for you, there are various factors to take into account, such as weathering, material cost, installation cost, and life-span.

FactorMetal RoofConcrete Tile Roof
Installation CostUsually more expensive, as the metal sheets are a bit more invasive to install which means that labor costs are usually higher compared to other roofs that require less time and manpower to install.While less expensive to install than metal roofs, concrete roof tiles are heavy and need a lot of care when handling to ensure correct installation. This means labor costs will be more expensive than a typical shingle roof.
Material CostGreatly vary, owing to the growing variety. However, metal sheets are usually a bit more expensive than concrete tiles.Also greatly varies, depending on tiles chosen. Concrete is known for its variety in appearance, and this can greatly affect cost depending on the type of tiles chosen.
VersatilityMetal roofs can be painted and installed to look like other material types, such as wood or asphalt shingles. However, metal roofs do not vary so much in thickness or shape, and styles are not as diverse as tile varieties.Concrete is known for its versatility; in terms of style and color and the different roofing styles it can be used for.
Fire ResistanceMetal is non-combustible, and is categorized as Class A fire-resistant. This means that it is one of the most fire-resistant materials available!Concrete is also extremely durable, and in some cases can also be classified as a Class A fire-resistant material. However, it is more likely to burn in comparison to metal roofing, if given exposure to fire for an extremely long period of time.
Wind ResistanceIf installed correctly, metal roofing can withstand strong winds. Owing to light material for metal roof sheeting, it’s important that the installation is properly done to ensure the best resistance, as the light material is more likely to blow away if not installed properly.Concrete is known for being a great wind resistant material, as their weight makes it difficult to dislodge in strong winds. This kind of material is useful for hurricane roofing, which is necessary for places like Florida where strong winds are common during hurricane season.
Hail ResistanceIn most cases, metal roofing can resist hail well. However, material that is corroded or too thin can be damaged quite easily if the hailstones are heavy enough.Concrete roofing is excellent when it comes to resisting hail. However, it also depends on the pitch of the roof, as high-pitched roofs are less resistance compared to low pitch roofs.
Rain and Water ResistanceIf installed correctly, metal sheets can provide good water and rain resistance; however, rain and hail can make a loud sound on metal roofing.Known for being weather resistant, concrete roof tiles are a great barrier to rain and hail and do not get corroded when in prolonged contact with rain.
Life SpanMetal is prone to warping and denting with exposure to elements, which make its life span shorter than concrete. However, metal roofs can last up to 45 years if maintained properly.Tile roofs can last even longer than metal roofing, but this largely depends on the quality of the roof tile, installation, and shingles/joints.
Walk-abilityMost metal roofs can be walked on, but this does not mean that it is always safe to do so.Concrete roofs are not usually safe to walk on as they are known to fall or crack if walked on in brittle or loose areas.
RepairMetal roofing can be fairly easy to repair, as the installation is a quick process.Tiles can be easy to replace if the repair job is not a large one. A full roof replacement will be an expensive affair but can be avoided if you know how to maintain your roof.
Common ProblemsMetal roofs are prone to corrosion, so common problems include rusting and warping.Problems vary with concrete tile roofing, owing to the variety of materials involved in holding a concrete roof together. Problems can include cracking/brittle tiles, poorly installed flashing, and leaking in valleys.

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