Tile Roof Repair Or Shingle Roof Repair: What’s The Difference?

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Is your tile or shingle roof in need of repair? Aging roofs can start to show signs of wear and tear over time, and minor issues can turn into big problems when left unchecked. Do you know the condition of your tile or shingle roof? Remember that tile and shingle roofs each require different repair techniques.

Let’s have a look at the difference between tile and shingle roof repairs so that you can feel more prepared when it comes to repairing your tile roof.

Tile Roofs Vs Shingle Roofs

When it comes to roofing, tile roofs are the more popular international choice. This is because of their durable and long-lasting nature.

Manufactured from either clay or concrete, a tile roof can last for up to 35 years! They generally require little maintenance and are more environmentally friendly than shingle roofs. Tiled roofs tend to give you that terracotta look and create the feel of Spanish Architectural design.

Tiled roofs do however come at a higher price and require a higher financial outlay. Shingle roofs, on the other hand, are more affordable to install but are less durable than tile roofs. You’ll be looking at a life span of anywhere between 15-25 years with a shingle roof. Shingle roofs are easy to install and suit a wide variety of climates.

Ultimately, when choosing the correct roof covering, the factors of price, durability, and style should be taken into consideration.

Clay Tile Roof Repairs 

Over time, clay tiles may begin to show minor cracks. These can be repaired with roof tile adhesive and may prevent you from having to replace the whole tile. But if the crack is more substantial, then the whole tile will need to be replaced.

The first step in tile replacement is to remove the broken tile. This is done by sliding a wooden wedge above the broken tile which helps to lift the pressure from the roof tile above. You will then need to access the nail that is holding the tile in place and gently tap out the broken tile around the nail.

It’s recommended to use a specialist roofer as this is a specialized process and can result in further damage being caused. Once the broken tile is removed, the replacement tile will be inserted with the help of a tile clip to hold the new tile in place.

Concrete Tile Roof Repairs 

The repair process is fairly similar to clay roof tiles. However, the process can be a little more complicated as replacing concrete tiles requires the removal of the adjoining tiles as well.

You will need to use a pry bar to gently lift the affected tiles whilst making sure to not damage them. Some concrete tiles are sealed in place with an adhesive which you will need to remove by applying a small amount of solvent to loosen the glue. Once the broken tiles have been removed it’s also a good idea to inspect the flashing beneath to make sure that there is no damage.

Once again, this is a comprehensive process that should only be undertaken by a reputable roofing contractor. Once this has all been checked and repaired, it’s then time to secure the replacement tile. The use of silicone always helps to make the tile that much more secure.

Shingle Roof Repairs 

If you have a shingle roof, chances are that it will require more regular maintenance than a tile roof due to it not being as durable over time. This is especially true in Florida, where hurricane season can bring upwards of 50 mph winds! 

Manufactured out of cost-effective asphalt, the upside is that repairing a shingle roof can be somewhat affordable compared to tile roof repairs. Cracked shingles need to be entirely replaced by new ones. The process of removing a shingle may not be as simple as it looks as shingles often have several nails securing them down.

Replacements tiles will require roofing tar or a nail gun to secure them and aligning them up correctly is a tricky process to get right.

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