Tile Roofing: How To Choose The Right Color, Style, And Material For Your Home

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There are many benefits for South Florida homeowners who are looking at tile roofing for their next house project. Tiles are not only long-lasting and durable but also a sustainable and environmentally-friendly roofing option, as well.

The roofing team at ABC Roofing will help you decide which tile roofing style, color, and material are the best fit for your South Florida home.

Different Roofing Materials For Your Home

There’s a lot to appreciate with a tile roof. Regardless of what styles you choose, your new tile roof will still hold up well in extreme Florida conditions. But be prepared to explore many different roofing material options, including:

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are extremely durable, with waterproof and fireproof qualities. These natural tiles are ideal for South Florida conditions, and they complement nearly any home style or design.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are weather resistant and especially resilient in the hot Florida sun. Concrete tiles are one of the longer-lasting varieties, which makes them a popular choice.

Synthetic Tiles

You can choose between natural and synthetic tiles. The synthetic varieties will protect your home just as well as their natural counterparts, only with low to no maintenance and improved longevity.

Color Combinations To Complement Your Home’s Design

Once you’ve selected your tile roofing materials, or at least narrowed down your options, you can explore color combinations. Clay tiles, concrete tiles, and synthetic tiles all come in a host of shades, ranging from natural tones to more vibrant designs.

Here are tips for selecting the best-fit color combination for your home’s roof:

Match Your Home

Consider a roof color that aligns with your home’s features and designs. For example, some Florida homeowners have brick exteriors and choose roofing colors to match. Alternatively, if your home has light-colored exterior siding, you might prefer a darker roof color to complement.

Consider Color Combinations That Work Well Together

You’ll have your own preferences when it comes to color combinations for your roof. But if you need a little help, consider these popular combos that homeowners tend to choose most:

  • Blue or Gray Homes: Choose dark gray or black roof tiles.
  • Beige or Tan Homes: Choose mixed colors, browns, or natural-shaded roof tiles.
  • White Homes: Choose darker, contrasting roof tile colors to accent beautifully.
  • Red, Green, or Yellow Homes: Browns and grays are best, but any color combination will work well with these exterior home colors.

Tile Roofing Styles To Consider

Depending on the tile roofing materials you select, you may also have to narrow down your roofing style. Be mindful of how a roof design will complement the overall aesthetic of your Florida home’s style.

It can be helpful to look around the neighborhood to see what styles are prevalent there. Consider these additional insights before making your final decision:

HOA Regulations

If you live in a South Florida HOA community, you’ll want to refer to any guidelines set forth in those neighborhoods about styles and color combinations.

Virtual Tools Can Help

It might be hard to tell just how a tile roofing material, style, or color will look with your home. Explore some of the virtual visualization tools available that allow you to upload a picture of your home and apply roofing styles.

Tile Roofing And More In South Florida

Once you’ve decided to replace your South Florida roof, choosing the right roofing partner will help make all other decisions easy. The experts at ABC Roofing will work with you through every tile roofing decision you have to make. If you’re ready for a new tile roof, call 954-344-4622 today to learn more.

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