Top 9 Flat Roof Inspection Questions To Ask

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Regular inspections will help you stay on top of small roofing issues that can cause major problems if left to get worse without having your flat roof repaired. The roofing professional doing the inspection will have a list of things to check, but for your peace of mind, you want to make sure that all the bases are covered. Here is a list of the top nine flat roof inspection questions recommended by an ABC Roofing contractor.

1. Which Sections Did You Check?

Due to the structure of a flat roof, moisture damage is a big issue to watch out for. The second biggest culprit of flat roof damage is UV rays, especially if the UV-resistant outer surface is worn away. There may be damage to other sections of your flat roof too.

2. Have You Documented Your Report?

This is especially important if they find damage, as warranties can be voided if maintenance isn’t regular. Your insurer may cover the cost of the repair, but typically, for them to do so, they will need reports from previous inspections.

3. Roof Drain Questions

Flat roofs attract ponds of water that can cause serious damage if left to sit. Roof drains are installed to prevent this from happening. These are two main roof drain questions to ask.

  • Is my roof drain big enough for the size of my roof? A roof drain that is too small won’t get the job done. A professional roofer will be able to calculate the size of the drain versus the average rainfall amount for South Florida.

  • Is my roof drain clear of debris and other blockages? Blocked roof drains are as effective as having no roof drain. Heavy rains can cause drains to be clogged by washing leaves and twigs, animal debris, or other materials into them.

4. Did You Find Any Leaks?

Big leaks are usually easy to spot and have repaired. With flat roofs and their tendency to collect pools of water, the weight of the water creates pressure on the roofing structure and can cause tiny cracks and points of entry for the water to get in. These tiny cracks and leaks have the potential to cause major problems, particularly as they are easy to miss and often don’t get repaired immediately.

5. Are The Seals In Good, Working Condition?

Sealants are used to prevent water getting in around plumbing collars, coping joints and structural openings. Sealant that cracks or deteriorates can let moisture in and lead to structural roofing damage.

6. Are There Signs Of Growing Plant-life?

Mold, fungus or other plant-life growing on your roof is an indication of moisture being present where it shouldn’t be. Live, growing organisms in your roofing structure will do damage to roofing membranes and wooden structures.

7. Are The HVAC Vents Clear Of Blockages?

Blocked HVAC vents generate an enormous amount of heat which degenerates roofing materials and creates vulnerable spots for leaks to develop. The extreme heat created by the blocked HVAC vents has been known to melt certain roofing materials.

8. Are There Visible, External Or Internal Signs Of Flat Roof Degradation? 

Flat roofs are subject to higher levels of foot traffic. They often have to support heavy equipment such as HVAC vents. All this takes its toll on the surface of the roof which will show wear and tear as small holes, puncture marks, tears, loss of granules, rotting or blistering. Outward signs of wear and tear will vary according to the roofing material used.

9. How Soon Will I Need To Replace My Roof?

Increasingly regular roof repairs are a sign of an aging roof that may be headed for replacement. Flat roof replacement doesn’t need to be a guessing game. As part of your flat roof inspection, an ABC Roofing professional will be able to give you an accurate estimate of how much time you have left. Knowing ahead of time allows you to budget and plan, which is better than dealing with an emergency scramble.

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