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Roofs are easy to forget about, they don’t often need to be looked at, but they do provide essential protection to us. So, when it does come to repairing or a replacing your roof, you want to ensure that it is done correctly. When a roof is repaired correctly it can last you decades, but if it is done poorly, you will have problems for years to come. It is essential that any repair or replacement is done by a licensed roofer, yet there are a few things you as the homeowner can do to ensure that everything is done correctly and to the specifications.

Repairing Your Roof

When a roof springs a leak, often the first thing the resident wants to do is climb up onto the roof and patch the hole. There are a few problems with this, and if an inexperienced repair is attempted, it’s likely that more damage will be done to the roof.

First off, climbing on a roof is a dangerous activity. It is quite easy for someone to slip on a roof, especially if they do not have the correct safety equipment. Even if they do manage to not slip, walking on tiles and shingles can damage them, it leaves them bare. It can also dislodge tiles and shingles, causing more leaks in the roof.

When a leak appears, it is best that you contact a licensed roofer, they will repair your roof using the correct equipment and ensure that no further damage is caused to your roof.

Checking On Your Roof

Though roofs are designed to last 20+ years, it is still a good idea to check on your roof twice a year. This will allow you to spot any leaks or structural problems long before they become a hazard. Catching weakened areas in your roof early on will save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

To check your roof, it always good to check the interior first. Head up to the attic with a torch, and have a look around. You are looking for any discoloration, light coming in and sagging or broken timber. Mold and mildew are also incredibly damaging, so at any signs of them, make sure to contact a licensed roofer to come clear that out.

On the outside, don’t climb onto your roof, as you are likely to damage it, but look around for loose or broken tiles or shingles. It is also essential that your flashing around the edges is still securely in place as loose flashing will allow water into your house.

These inspections can be done twice a year, just after the winter and summer seasons. But it is also good to have a look around after especially strong storms, as they are the most likely causes of damaged roofs, and you want to catch any damage as soon as possible, before it has time to allow moisture into your roof.

Replacing Your Roof

Once it comes time for you to replace your roof, then it is important that you choose the right materials and the right company. First off, you should know that if you are replacing large parts of your roof, you should be replacing the whole roof. This prevents old parts from failing and damaging your new sections. That means that you should be replacing your tiles or shingles, your flashing, your waterproofing and any other substrate needed.

A contractor which is trying to cut corners, will try to leave as much of the old stuff as possible, and that is why you should use a company with a good reputation and many customer testimonials. It is important to get a full contract with all of the material and labor costs, and a timeframe included.

You can also talk to a licensed roofer about your options of type of roof, because you don’t need to replace it with the same material and there are now better materials which will last longer, look better and require less maintenance.

These tips give you a general idea of how to care for your roof, but always make sure to read further on the subject if you have any big plans for your roof.

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