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Finding a local roofing contractor that is not only an expert but also reliable and reputable can be challenging. Fortunately, if you choose ABC Roofing for your roofing needs, you will get an expert roof contractor that is trustworthy and able to cover your roofing needs all year round.

When you choose us, you won’t need to worry about if you’re taking a risk because our team at ABC Roofing can help. See below to learn exactly how we can assist you and what you must keep in mind when choosing a local roof contractor.

ABC Roofing Is The Roofing Contractor You Can Trust

Before a roofing company can repair, replace, or improve a roof, a roofing assessment needs to be completed. When you choose ABC Roofing’s trusted roofing contractors, we will send out a consultant to assess the condition of your current roof.

After this, we can carefully evaluate which service would be best for your roofing needs. Our team has you covered from minor repair to full-scale replacement.

You can also look forward to receiving a comprehensive analysis surrounding what is wrong with your roof and how soon it needs to be attended to. Our working supervisors and project managers will keep you updated throughout the roofing process. We do this because we want our clients to have complete confidence that we will respect their homes, safety, and budgets.

What Does ABC Roofing Have That Others Don’t?

As a large family-owned and operated roofing company, we have served South Florida for more than 30 years. Our commitment to excellence and devotion to customers has helped us build a reputable company that can be trusted to have your back.

Below we have listed a few things a roofing company needs to be considered a choice for your roofing needs.

Wide Range Of Services

ABC Roofing offers clients an extensive range of roofing services which is why our company is a leader among roofing companies in South Florida. We offer residential roofing and tile replacements, leak repairs, home roof repairs, maintenance, and warranty plans.


Regardless of how you look at it, the more experienced the contractor, the better the roofing job will be completed. Our company has qualified roofing contractor experts with the experience you need to ensure your roofing needs are met.

Additionally, because we have decades of roofing experience, we can quickly assess and handle any situation. If you want proof of our roofing experience, check out our gallery.


In the roofing industry, certification is important. Often confused with licensing, certification differs in that it is awarded to companies by roofing manufacturers. A roofing manufacturer will award certification to businesses like ABC Roofing that can ensure proper installation of their roofing products.

Essentially, a roofing company has a manufacturer’s stamp of approval to repair, replace, maintain, and install their roofing materials. If you utilize a certified roofing contractor, you will have a warranty that is covered.


Did you know that every roofing contractor must be state licensed? When a roofing contractor has a license, it means they’re a qualified roofing professional. Having a license also acts as a guarantee that their workmanship quality will be unmatched.

When hiring ABC Roofing, you can rest assured that our roofing contractors are licensed. Should you opt to hire an unlicensed roofing contractor, you need to note that not only is it illegal, but should anything go wrong, you will likely be held accountable. So, if possible, always ask a roofing contractor to show you their licensing so that you know that the company doesn’t have any former violations and that they can do a good job.


One of the most important things your roofing contractor needs is insurance. If they don’t have insurance, you need to immediately find one that does because if something goes wrong, you will have peace of mind that you’re not liable for injuries, damages, and other expenses. At ABC Roofing, we have insurance for residential and commercial roofing projects, so you know that your safety and that of our roofing contractors are taken care of.

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