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With hurricane season, well and truly upon us in South Florida, it’s time to take a look at weatherproofing and waterproofing your roof, whether this is at home or at work. Taking note of the following design elements in your home or business can protect you from the actual elements outside.

  • Consider Hip Roofing Over Gable Roofing

    A hip roof, one with four or more panels, is a better way of weatherproofing your roof, particularly when compared to a traditional gable roof (one with two panels). Hip roofs are notorious for performing better under extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes.

  • Sloped Roofs and Adequate Drainage

    A good slope and adequate drainage is a way of waterproofing your roof by allowing water to run neatly off onto the ground. Bear in mind that that isn’t all that adequate drainage needs to do: it must also steer the water away from the surrounding areas of your house, preventing it from pooling and seeping into the ground around your foundations which will weaken them.

  • Insulation

    Having an insulation system beneath your roof is great for homes in summer and winter, with the former being a welcome relief considering how hot South Florida can get in summer. Insulation regulates the temperature in your home by deflecting the heat from the sun, making sure that your cooling systems have to work less to cool down your house in summer. Proper insulation also minimizes the temperature fluctuation in your home which will, in turn, save on energy bills.

  • Water-Repellent Layers

    These nifty additions are great for South Florida’s rainy season and can be placed under the tiles of your roof. This will prevent any water from spilling into your attic and seeping further into your home, putting your possessions at risk.

  • Lightning-Proof

    No other state in America has more thunder storms than Florida, making it all the more imperative to protect your home against a thunderstorm’s natural companion: lightning. If you build your roof with steel frames and other steel elements, they are considered lightning-proof.

  • Fireproof

    South Florida is no stranger to wild fires. This unruly natural phenomenon poses an added fire risk in a state that already regularly sees thunder and lightning storms. You can weatherproof your roof by building it with fireproof materials.

  • Dome-Shaped Roofing

    An unusual design element but no less an important one, dome-shaped roofing Is known to be able to withstand severe tornadoes and hurricanes, while simultaneously resulting in energy bills that are significantly less due to sustainable design features that can be added.

  • Strengthening the Connection Between Your Roof Walls

    A classic hurricane image is no doubt that of a house with its roof getting blown off, but this often comes down to a structural flaw. By strengthening the connection between your roof and your walls, you minimize your chances of losing your roof in a hurricane.

  • Introduce a Central Wind Shaft

    This aerodynamic feature significantly reduces and balances the pressure that your roof feels in extreme weather conditions where high wind speeds are regular occurrences, such as in a hurricane.

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