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Leaking Skylight

A skylight can be a wonderful thing, however when they begin to leak, they can become very frustrating when you can’t figure out why! Here are some top tips to help you understand what causes a leaking skylight and how to fix it.

Check Your Skylight

This may seem very obvious but look to see if the area around the skylight is fully closed, if it is not then the problem can be solved very easily

The first thing to do is to see how much water is leaking. If it’s just a little trickle then it could be condensation from the skylight, leaking down and appearing as a leak. If the leak is so severe that you need to place a bucket under the leak then is it more serious and you need to identify where the leak is coming from. Many roof leaks can cause water to actually come through your skylight instead of your roof, at this point you should contact a roofing company and have them do an inspection to make sure that the leak is not coming from damage to your roof.

Inspecting the Skylight

Once you have checked to see if your skylight is closed, it’s not condensation, and that the leak is coming from your skylight and not your roof, the next thing would be to clean the area around it. The area around the skylight should be cleaned from things like leaves and twigs.

Repairs for the Skylight

Look to see if you can see any cracks in the glass of the skylight, if this is the case the dome can be replaced by a professional roofing company. Once the glass has been checked, look to see if the area around the skylight is damaged in any way. The area around the skylight is known as the flashing, if it is damaged it may be able to be repaired and sealed if no , the entire skylight would need to be replaced.

Call Your Trusted Roofer

If at any point during the process you are not sure if what you are doing is right or the leak is still there no matter what you do, it is best to call in a specialist. A professional is well equipped for all scenarios that may arise and is the best option to fix your leak, even if it means replacing your skylight.


Try and maintain your skylight to help it have a longer life. Try to clean your skylight, not only on the inside but outside as well. It should be cleaned of any debris just like your roof. It’s important to have a roof maintenance plan that includes your skylight so that any areas that need to be repaired can be identified sooner rather than later. Make sure when cleaning the inside of your skylight, you look at the glass to make sure it is not cracked or damaged in any way as this can also prevent a serious leak from occurring.

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