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You’ve just bought your dream home, complete with a white picket fence and the iconic tile roof. Your furniture has been delivered and you manage to get everything inside just before a routine South Florida rain storm. It is at this moment that you realize that your roof has a leak – and you have no idea what has caused it.

There are many things that can cause a roof leak, especially when living in a tropical climate such as South Florida. A roof leak can happen to anyone and happens more often than you realize. Regardless of the reason, a roof leak can cause many problems for homeowners and it’s important to get your roof repaired before a small leak becomes a big issue.

What are the Signs of a Roof Leak?

Leaks often come as a surprise and leave homeowners confused about both the source of the leak and the cause. Apart from dripping from the ceiling, you may also notice a wet patch on the floor or dark stains on the wall.

Obvious signs that your roof may be leaking include:

  • A discolored water stain on the wall or ceiling.
  • Dripping of water or moisture on the walls.
  • Water spots underneath the roof line outside the home.  
  • A mossy or moldy wall exterior.
  • Missing roofing material
  • Debris in gutter.

Main Causes of a Roof Leak

While you can most likely find the source of a leak without too much experience, repairing the leak is a different story – and one best left to a professional who can fix the leak without causing more damage. Here are some of the main causes of a roof leak. 

  1. Aging Materials

    Unfortunately, roofs don’t last forever. In fact, tile roofs only last approximately 25 years, while shingle roofs last between 10 – 15 years. Sometimes the roofing materials are no longer effective due to exposure to the elements and temperature fluctuations. Regular roof inspections should indicate when a repair or roof replacement job is needed.

  2. Poor Installation and Low-Quality Materials

    Poor workmanship is one of the most common reasons for a leaking roof. This can either be due to lack of experience, hasty work or the choice of low-quality materials – all of which can compromise the integrity of the roof’s structure.

  3. Punctured Valleys

    The valley is the section of the roof where the two slopes meet and are susceptible to being compromised if punctured or damaged. This can be the result of an accident or simply the negligence of maintenance. When there is a buildup of debris in these areas, it can cause a leak.

  4. Missing Shingles/Tile

    South Florida is known to have strong winds – especially during the upcoming hurricane season – which makes the shingles or tiles of roofs vulnerable to getting blown off. This chance increases when they have been installed poorly. If a shingle or tile blow off, the integrity of the roof structure is compromised and the chance of a leak increases.

  5. Debris Buildup in Gutters Obstructing Water Flow

    When gutters get clogged up with leaves, branches and other debris, the water flow is obstructed and the pooling of water can cause a leak as it seeps through the roof and into the home. It is important to keep your gutters clear of any debris and do regular checks to see that there is no buildup that cannot be seen from the ground.

Some of these signs and causes are difficult to notice. It is important to organize regular inspections with qualified roofing experts such as ABC Roofing Corp. to ensure that no unnecessary damage is caused. Make sure that you are prepared for hurricane season and call us today for a free estimate!

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